Loud mouth intolerant bigot, defender of pederasts far and wide, and Catholic League President Bill Donohue is outraged over the release of the new movie version of the Three Stooges - set to open April 14th.

The premise of the movie is that our heroes are on a mission to raise money for a Catholic orphanage. I know - real original in light of The Blues Brothers. 

Nevertheless, there is apparently a scene where swimsuit model Kate Upton appears in a nun-like bathing suit that could be in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. To add phony insult to bogus injury, Larry David (creator of Seinfeld) plays a nun named Sister Mary-Mengele; a playoff on the name of the Nazi doctor at Auschwitz.  Needless to say, I don't recall the outrage when Joliet Jake and Elwood referred to the samurai-like pointer wielding mother superior of their orphanage as "the Penguin" - an obvious slam at nuns' uniforms.

Mr. Donohue, you really might want to re-think your press releases when you get into an argument with Moe, Larry and Curly - and lose.

Catholic League press release here.

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Oh, that's funny Pat.

Was she a Kate Upton, or a Sister Mary-Mengele?


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