Anyone here ever run into a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church before? It's a nondogmatic nondoctrinal church that is atheist friendly. It does not push any notion of gods or damnation. It simply put does not tell it's members, or anyone else, what to believe. Instead its services focus on using love, compassion, and reason to put issues before it's members. It welcomes all although those looking for dogma doctrine and hellfire will probably not find anything to their liking. 

It's a place for people more interested in community than condemnation. Each UU Church tends to have its own flavor. My church for example trends towards atheist/humanist. The minister as well as most members are various stripes of atheists. 

So the question is does the words church, religion, or sermon carry too much stigma for you or is this sort of thing interesting to some, or is it just useless nonsense?

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Being from Nebraska too, I can tell you that isn't that big of an exaggeration depending on where in the state you are.... I have driven on highways in the panhandle and not passed another car for 2 hours.

That, and the tumbleweeds are bigger than our new car. (We own a Smart.)

Getting to a town over 1,500 takes over an hour. With a strong tailwind. And there aren't that many highways here either.

I'm happy for you T Andrew that you have found a place for fellowship that works for you!  That's great!~ Melinda

I used to go for a few years before making a strong commitment to Atheism (I was still finding my path) and then I stopped going. The UU place I was going was mostly Humanist and help me find my path to Atheism. I evolved from it. (Faded away like Sentient did)


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