I suppose Water Cooler is the place for this. 


I see these Nativity Scenes, on yards and in photos, and I always wonder what kind of mother Mary was suppose to be!  Here's a woman who has carried this life inside her for the usual nine months, and delivers her child safely into the world, and all she does is stick him in a box and stare at him.  Where's the love?  Wouldn't a healthy-minded mother want to hold her child close?  Who cares if he's Divinely implanted, he's an infant!


Anyway, that's what I think of every year.  Am I the only one who thinks that way?

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Maybe she just stares at the baby because it was a product of her being rapped by.... well according to the mythology of God.... her "father". Must have been a very traumatic experience & the baby might just be a painful reminder. No wonder she always seems so morose.


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