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This poster really shouldn't piss anyone off (Atheist, at least).   The occurrence of all the things listed in that poster is stemmed from a belief in deities.  

How do I say this gently?

Many of us have known trauma of various kinds and years later we might still react to it. For instance, I hear a few old men defend their right to beat their children. I don't find humor in their words and I don't listen patiently.

My memories of my parents' violence never resulted in nightmares, the most serious level of post-traumatic stress. My memories did result in my being hyper-alert, the least serious level of PTSD.

I've had time to deal with my memories and I have for 15 years lived in a retirement home for war veterans. A few years ago I became able to laugh as I told other veterans I'd grown up in a violent home and had PTSD before I went to war.

Okay, that first poster. My first reaction to it was not laughter. I wanted to know whose work it was; I'm still alert to the damage xians can do to my rights. I want to know my political enemies so I can defeat their efforts.

To those here who became uncomfortable, I can say I understand. I want to say "I hope you have the resources to recover from your stress."

Then, seeing that poster again, I chuckled.

Finally, I'm saddened that some xians are so seriously damaged that they believe it.

Yeah, Napoleon, I chuckled when I saw your contribution.


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