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QUIET! Criticism of religion is not free speechA relevant tangent :)

That "Godless Atheists" poster is one of a series of 41 created by Austin Cline, repurposing government propaganda posters to illustrate a whole range of scary Christian Right beliefs. (The original rampaging killer in the WWII poster was "Accidents".)

Thumbnails and discussion at the link.

That's very interesting, there's some brilliant stuff there.

Thank you dear friend, Grinning Cat. I read the piece by Austin Cline and see why he did this series of posters. Yes, they are disgusting and people saw the WW I and II ones, on which these are based, and I can remember the propaganda of WW II. Awful stuff and no one objected that I ever heard. Cline gives jolts and shudders to such modern bigotry. 

My fear is, the bigotry, seen by those who agree with it, will reinforce their thinking and give them legitimacy. 

Oh dear! I see myself making a statement of my belief and whole new round of ridicule to my face and rumor mongering to my back. OK! Anybody have any humour you could loan me. I am just not equipped with that talent.

Well, I refuse to be the victim here ... bring it on, I know how to dodge.

Thanks Grinning Cat! 

It sounds like you have less of a sense of humor than I do Joan, but I do not blame you, with the horrible early life you had to put-up with.   There's more I would be interested in discussing about that, but I should probably start a discussion about it  elsewhere.

I find it hard to truly get worked up at this due to it's patent absurdity.

Chad, you are far wiser than I. 

Same mentality as Nazis eradicating Jewish people. 

I agree Luara!

There was a time in Europe when not only religion but the Christian religion was universal.  Black Death, Famine, Crusades...yup!  Paradise on Earth.

This really doesn't bother me because it is so silly that I believe it would tend to bring theists to the defense of atheism rather than inure them against it. 

I'm fine with theists saying silly things. I hope they continue to be silly. 

Čenek, I hope you are correct in thinking "it would tend to bring theists to the defense of atheism rather than inure them against it." My fear is it will reinforce such thinking. 

I welcome such optimism; however, I don't see it happening. 

Yes, and this will all happen because the "end times" are upon us, and that means we are soon to be in god's kingdom surrounded by magical bullshit. Just ask Bachmann. It also says this in your Buybull. The end times started in 1946 when Ishmael became a country and Paladine had no land. That should keep them fighting. According to some we are in "the very last part" of the last days. Just ask Old Charlie!


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