These Boobs Haven't a Clue About All the Crazy as Batshit Stuff That's in Their Holey Books

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My Moms parents were both raised in the jewish religion, but grew-up to become Atheists.  My Mom is an Atheist, as am I (obviously), and my now-adult kids.  So we stopped that nonsense, but I do have relatives who are rabbis, and eat kosher, and walk to the hospital to perform brain-surgery on the sabbath because they can save lives on the sabbath, but can't flip a switch, or ride in a vehicle?  This same family brought ALL their own food to Disney World (kosher)~ wow!  What fun kids!  We never see them. Yay~!

Yay.  Or, oy vay?

But since they've committed these sins unknowingly, they could offer a bull to the Lord at the temple and their sins will be forgiven.


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