There's zero proof that being gay is any morally different from straight. So why articles like this?

A gay couple is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester over claims it refused to sell them a mansion because of fears they would use it to host gay weddings.
James Fairbanks, 57, and Alain Beret, 59, filed their discrimination suit on Monday in Worcester Superior Court.


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"So why articles like this?"  Because bigots and particularly religious bigots need to justify themselves TO themselves, if to no one else.  They want the RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE ... and if others refuse the bible as their means to that right, they'll use the law where they can.  Of course, the question eventually will come: what happens when the law no longer sides with them.

And as Jayne Cobb of Firefly once said, "That'll be an interesting day...."

Because SO MANY people are dumbasses.

I concur with your analysis.

@ Sentient Biped :)

Right -- I concur too! There are too many dumb people out there.

Beliefs! They can bring havoc to even the nicest people. What is so hard to understand about biology, and differences of chromosomes? Diversity benefits life, it is part of what is nature. 

A concise explanation of common religious objections to equal marriage:

"So you still think homosexuality is sinful?
And therefore gays shouldn't be allowed to marry?

(From "The God Article" at Facebook; widely reposted, but this looks like the source.)

Premium stuff, Cat!


I noticed the portrayal of religion as a "lifestyle choice" in the lower left.

It's a useful point (even if not completely accurate, considering religion as a mind virus): one's religion (or lack thereof) is still much more changeable than one's innate sexuality! After all, many of us on A/N came from a background of some theistic religion or another.

(As Ruth Anthony-Gardner points out, hopefully we identify in an independent, positive way, in terms such as freethinker, secular humanist, change agent. Terms such as "apostate" still perpetuate the religious framework which should be getting less, not more, of our time and brainspace.)

And while we're at it, I suppose we should let Betty Bowers have her say on the matter!


I love that Betty Bowers video.


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