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Everybody is getting in an uproar over the proposed mosque to be built just 2 blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center.  What most of them don't know is that there is already a mosque 3 blocks away on Warren Street.  They call it a "masjid", which the Arabic word for "mosque" (the term "mosque" is actually French).  This existing mosque was there for 20 years before 9/11.  The group proposing the new one is unaffiliated with them.


Also, many would be surprised to learn that the Pentagon observes Ramadan and that President Bush hosted an iftar, which is the meal that Muslims eat in the evening during Ramadan after having fasted during the day.



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I'll agree that they have every right to build their cultural center, but I have to admit that it seems in bad taste. First, they complain about a few comics; and next they want to build something right next to where their fanatics killed thousands of Americans? What if atheist terrorists blew up a church, and then proceeded to build a freethought center on the rubble?

If what they really wanted was to help repair Islam's reputation in the U.S., they'd donate the money to the reconstruction of the WTC, instead.


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