"The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion. Not anything can be studied as a science, without our being in possession of the principles upon which it is founded; and as this is the case with Christian theology, it is therefore the study of nothing." 

(Thomas Paine)



Christian theology is baseless nonesense. Well, of course it is unless you are one of those people who believe in, or cannot dismiss the supernatural. A super nature* does not exist. Therefore reading the bible is a complete waste of time and about as much use as reading Thucydides Peloponnesian Wars.

Idiots who say the bible is the word of god are obviously deluded so vulnerable people should be protected from their pernicious influence. The best way to deal with these idiots is to avoid and ignore them as much as possible and only confront them where necessary.

However when confrontation occurs you have to break those shit-heads in two. Hit them with knowledge and rational thinking and don't piddle about with theological arguments.

"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in." Napoleon Bonaparte 

*new word

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Alice Roberts is the best looking academic I have ever seen.

I havn't read any Fyodor Dostoyevsky novels and I never will. Psychology is a largely discredited pseudo science and it's 19th century Russian version permeated through fiction does not appeal to me.

booklover the bible is actually what turned me atheists. Ironic much? ha

Was the fact that the bible is nonsense the sole reason for you becoming an Atheist. It only made me an agnostic, from the age of 13 onwards until recent times.

Have you realised when and how the world was formed ? How life started and evolved and the Natural History of mammals, particularly primates and ourselves included ? We are not exhalted god-like primates. We are a product of evolution like all life. We have our lives like all other life and we die. A supernature* does not exist. There is no eternity for life.

I have knowledge and it is liberating. I am not scared of death because it is natural and final. It's like the time before we were born.


I was raised without religion so the bible wasn't the sole reason I'm an Atheist, but when I did read parts of it I absolutely could NOT believe that grown people ACTUALLY believed the stupid crap written in there.

I totally agree with your whole post.

Thats nice to be raised without religion. My parents were practising catholics which is unusual in a country like Australia. I was a rebel and refused to attend mass or religious education from the age of 13 onwards. I didn't know what the word agnostic meant then. I am an Atheist now.


I did 'try' catholicism when my kids were very little because my husband was raised catholic and I don't know what the hell I was thinking.  I guess I wasn't thinking! lol.  I took my then 7 year-old daughter to her first communion class.  I asked her what she thought of it after and she said "That jesus stuff sounds like a myth" LOL  out of the mouths of (smart) babes.  I quit and felt stupid. l :)

I love irony :)


The bible is a hideous book. It's authors and editors simply did not have knowledge and understanding of the world so they didn't know any better. I don't think it should be taken seriously today. Interestingly, Sir David Attenborough says it is only within the last 50 years that we have had the knowledge to vindicate Darwinism. We have it now.

Find more videos like this on Atheist Nexus

I had the same thing. I was still a theist at the time so I had no qualms with it. Looking back on it tho, it was merely a back door approach to getting theism into the classroom.

Were you in La. as well or do(did) other states do this as well?
I'm in Northern Illinois!  I was an Atheist and was surprised they even had that in the curriculum.  It was only for like 2 weeks or something.  Having never read any of the bible then and not caring, I failed that test. lol


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