With reference to the information in the World clock, what are the short term and long term consequences for the planet and our species with particular regard to over-population, finite resources and climate change.

We have only been around for about 200,000 years, so how much time do we have left ?

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This is a good way of presenting these terrifying statistics. We have little time left to take control of the situation. I did not spot any figures about the falling and rising numbers of the religious and atheists. Part of the problem is the religious who want their percentages of the world population to rise and rise . . . 

The spiralling world population would be made up of mostly religionists. I say that because religion is bestowed upon the new born by it's adherents in most situations.

While population growth is static, slow or acceptable in many western countries it is out of control in the poor and developing world where religionists prey on the uneducated masses and encourage irresponsible reproduction.

In Europe, Islam is a growing religion and muslims reproduce at a much higher and faster rate than the Atheistic and nominally Christian majority so that statistically, much of Western Europe will become predominantly Islamic in the next 50 to 100 years. Many visionaries and statisticians who are aware are politically right wing and in some situations see Christianity as an integral part of western civilization and in some cases a bastion in opposition to Islamification. However, I do not see this as a basis for resurgence of Christianity in Western Europe.

I agree that religion is the principal cause of the verminisation* of our species and the inevitiable destruction of our planet in the immediate rather than long term future.

It's time for more vigorous and aggressive opposition to religionists and religion.


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