It's evening.

I'm tired.

I had a long day.  As usual.

I don't want anything to do with other people in my face.

When I go home, the thing I want most is to be left alone.

Who made the rule that I have to greet hoards of kids who come to my door wanting candy?

Is it good for kids to take candy from strangers?

Is it good to reward kids with unhealthy candies, rewarding them for what?   Give them atherosclerosis, diabetes, and cavities?

Every year it's the same.  We buy bags of candies we would not otherwise buy, give away 1/2 of it, and have the rest to eat, not wanting to, or throw away.

I thought about several things to do.

Like hide at the back of the house with the lights off.

Or buy a loaf of multigrain, whole grain bread and give each kid a slice.  Very healthy!

Or have a nice big bowl, filled with little broccoli heads, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, and carrots.  They could pick which the wanted.  Also very healthy!

Or but up a sign stating "Quarantine!   Influenza, meningitis, and flesh eating bacteria"

Finally, I put a sign on the front door, stating "Sorry!!  No candy!  I'm Sick  :-( "

So far it's been quiet.

I'm a grouchy old man.

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Hey!  I threw out BUBBLE GUM!  I threw the Tootsie-Rolls INTO MY MOUTH! lol.  :)

And that's where bubble gum belongs, in my opinion.

I don't care for bubble gum either.  Glad to hear the Tootsie-Rolls were eaten. 

I don't like bubble gum, but I have to say I chewed a piece just to blow a bubble, then spit it out! lol

Tootsie-Rolls in the mouth.  Good.

They were good!  I think Halloween is the only time I ever have one!

Oh! take them to Cancer Care Centers. After chemo or radiation, a nice sweet reward helps make the procedures more pleasant. Any pleasantry is good. It is also good to give the staff a hat-tip! They deserve more than money. 

That sounds like a wonderful idea.

Or, volunteer in a homeless shelter.  Cook a meal or something.

I'm with you, Chad.  I love Halloween.  It's one of my favorite holidays as well.  I can't believe all you grumpy old coots on here who hide in the dark and are afraid to answer the door!  lol   I'm usually off work on Halloween but this year I was working and out of town.  Bummer.  In recent years I've attended the annual Halloween parade that takes place here in the "Boystown" neighborhood, so you know the costumes are going to be fantastic. 

I've had few to zero trick-or-treaters at my front door throughout the years despite living in a highly populated urban neighborhood.  These days, most kids trick-or-treat at the businesses along the main busy street that runs through my neighborhood.  Store-front after lots of candy.  The kids don't even have to walk up and down stairs and ring doorbells.  

This year, I bought candy even though I knew I wasn't going to be around.  I enjoyed it all myself, dammit!  And it was all gone by the 31st, anyway.  To all you grumpy old coots, all I can say is, "Think of the Children!!"

Ya! I kind of imagine little ones during the Colonial days, when ghosts and spirits were real, of going with a high energy level from house to house, wind blowing, screech owls screeching, and grumpy old curmudgeons opening the door and chasing them away, filled with terror. When they returned home, they thanked god they weren't caught by the devil. They knew their prayers had been heard. 


That's me, grumpy old curmudgeon.

Although, this summer I did show the kids the inside of my beehive.  They thought that was really cool.  And I did bring  over some fresh eggs from the chickens, for their parents but ultimately for the kids.

Not afraid to answer the door.  Tired, overworked, dealt with too many people, and just want to be left alone.

But I'm still a grumpy old coot.

Thinking of the children, wouldn't it be better to give each  child something nutritious, like a potato?


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