I am surprised by the pride folks demonstrate in their bigotry. Nothing seems to galvanize good people of majority status like the opportunity to pick on a minority group that has the audacity to vocalize dissatisfaction. Bigotry about sexual orientation operates on a continuum from "love the sinner" to "kills the gays." In the future, those who support denying basic civil rights to this minority group will be viewed in the same way decent people view those who supported denying civil rights to black people 50 years ago.


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I want to say I understand your mistrust, but I honestly don't.  Appreciate it and  empathize with it, yes. Understand it based on personal experience, no. I'd be lying if I said I did. I've never been in your shoes, or lived your life experiences.  I'm a 60 year old white, heterosexual, male, who was in the demographics that were handed every opportunity society could offer growing up. I was never told I couldn't drink at a water fountain, use a restroom, or eat in a diner because of my skin color. I was never told my opinions were worthless, that I should get back in the kitchen, have career opportunities, or equal pay denied to me because of my gender. I was never picked on, beaten, shunned, ostracized, or made to feel an outcast who is less than human because of my sexual preference or orientation.  Unlike so many in our society (and the world), I drew what American society at the time would have defined as a winning lottery ticket at birth.

But, I'm glad I grew up when I did. It was an eye opener to live through the civil rights movement, and realize how dangerous and deadly ignorant bigoted hatred can be. Oh, and I used to get into a shit load of trouble, and more than one ass whipping, with my father when I mentioned I thought  blacks were just as equal as everyone else. Now, decades after being a living witness to Selma, Alabama, Bull Connor, and Chaney, Goodman and Schwermer, I hear the same dumb assed arguments, same hatred, same ignorant bigotry, same mean spirited dehumanization being spouted from the same type of people when it comes to LGBTs. 

I guess I'm hoping that that there are enough of you and me out there that a change for the better will occur. It's incremental, and long overdue. Two steps forward, and one and three quarters backward. Maybe not in my lifetime or yours. But I can still hope, if for no other reason than for my children and the future. I'll give credit to fellow A|N member James Martin for enlightening me to the following quote.

Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace. Benito Jaurez

I don't suppose I can really relate either. I am a white, heterosexual male too. I use being an atheist, a former long-haired biker, and a Southern liberal as my small portal to understanding prejudice and minority status.

Re-re-reading my comment, I said in every state, the anti-equality side has lost.  I had a brain raspberry there.  In every state, the anti-equality side has won.  Oops.

The nature of the human animal makes me leery of democracy

I heard about the racism and Denny's.
I would avoid them too!
You are so right!
Palin does have an annoying sound to her. And her daughter went on that Dancing with the Stars show. Like she was or is a star - I mean - really.
Just like those Kardashians have a reality show - looks like America has bad taste.

ok, so this only has a little to do with Chic Fil A, but it's an interesting piece on the culture wars:


Good article Matthew, thanks for sharing it!  I wonder what will happen today with the protest @ Chik-Fil-A when the gay couples start kissing.~Melinda

It was sort of a familiar feeling to see people rally behind a cause, like a cancer treatment fund for a neighborhood kid. I was close to one of these lines, and it made me sick. I've never eaten at chick fil a. They have to realize that this will alienate not only gays and atheists, but xtians who are tolerant, and whoever is offended by their position. Not a wise move for the long run. I can't say how business will be in the future, but i have a feeling that if they start hurting, they will come out with some sort of apology. 

i had a spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy's. 

i used to eat at Chic Fil A quite a bit.  i honestly wasn't aware of the extent of Cathy's views until the recent kerfuffle.  i'm done with them, and i bet a lot of other people feel the same way.  i think it will hurt them, as evidenced by their recent approval rating:


That is good to see Matthew. It baffles me how anyone in business could think it 'good' business to alienate any potential customers....


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