The Twist and Turns of the Stock Market Over Time


  • Stock Market Crash of 1929 — it's interesting to note that while the 1929 crash was a major historical event, it was only a tiny blip in the index compared to the levels the Dow is trading at today... the Dow was in the 400 range compared to the 10,000+ range today.

  • Stock Market Crash of 1987 — in the late 1980s the Dow first broke the 2,000 mark. The crash of 1987 resulted in a steep fall in the index, but the recovery was rapid.

  • The 1990s boom — the dot com era in the 90s blew the Dow through the proverbial roof.... the Dow almost touched 12,000.

  • The 2000-2010 see-saw — The dot com crash saw a quick recovery with the Dow breaking the 12,000 mark. The 2008 crisis sent the Dow into a tail-spin. However, by 2010 the Dow showed tremendous resilience closing over the 11,000 mark.

"In summary, the key take-home message from this discussion on the Stock Market History Graph is that the stock market has shown tremendous growth in the last century.

"Interestingly, out of the 115 year history that we saw in the chart above, the biggest jump in the market, the most significant building of wealth, happened in the last thirty years."

Now, my question is, are YOU better off than you were 30 years ago? 

Are you better off than your parents? 

Are your children going to be better off than you? 

Where did the wealth go? 

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Thanks Melinda; I very much appreciate you and your contributions.


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