Due to christs dissapoinment in his followers he has decided to abort the second coming!   Please no hate mail.......just being sarcastic.......have a wonderful day all my gawdless,heathen,hell bound peeps.....

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Not again!  

Makes you wonder if he's ever going to come. : )

Aborted due to lack of interest I presume.  I hope.


Oh good! Glad to hear it was cancelled! Now I can concentrate on other things instead of waiting. Lol ;)


As we atheists all know, Jesus was never going to come. He is dead, if he was a real person, he is dust now. Besides, in Matthew 10:23 Jesus promised his disciples then living that he would come in what today is known as the Second Coming: " But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come." Can't be cancelled if he was never going to come again anyway.

Tony, I love to read your posts! I learn a lot from you!

Does this mean that The Rapture Will Not Be Televised?  Oh, drat ... and I had the DVR all ready!


The Bible says that "all the world" will witness the Second Coming.  Given the vast distances between Megiddo and, say, Tierra del Fuego, and given the curvature of the earth, all the world cannot witness the return until everyone has cable.  We're almost there.

You mean the World's not flat? ;)

He he.

And if the rapture was televised it would not be like everyone believed it to be. No "twinkling of an eye" here.

Yes, they are just beginning to be caught up over Australia now. What a sight here on MegaLink as people everywhere around Sydney are meeting him in the air. Some from the outback are coming in, and it appears he is now heading through Europe and continueing on. By tomorrow he should be over America. Oh, what a sight to see!

That lying Paul wasn't much of a scientist. Then he didn't have to be "coz the Buybull sez . . . . . . ."  LOL


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