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The most rational, logical and non religious places in the world to reside in?

Soon my final year of school will come to an end, and I have decided to migrate to another place in the world. I am, of course, an Anti Theist and I would like to find another place to reside in. Sweden is my birth country and the country I live in. But to be honest, I do not feel that connected with the Swedish culture nor the politics. Even though Sweden is a highly secular place, I still feel the absence of Anti Theism everywhere. I have only met three Anti Theists so far in my life, and the rest that I've met are either Atheist but still calls themselves Christian (because of tradition) or they are Atheist, but still believe that the universe is a spiritual place.


Now, where can I possibly move? Great Britain, the US etc?

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Alabama!                        No,no, that was totally a joke, man. Do not come here. Good luck to you.

But the issue with England is that their "constitution" does not seperate church and state (this is what I've heard, if I'm wrong, then please say so). The founding fathers of America (not all of them but some) were clearly either agnostic/atheist or they were against religion (thinking of Thomas Pain and Jefferson etc). But in America the people seem to advocate their religious beliefs as if it was fact and they try to impose it on politics. People seem to know nothing of their constitution, first ammendemt, that clearly seperates church and state. But I would rather live in London for awhile, until I get tired of it, then I may travel to perhaps the US or perhaps Spain.


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