Okay, Hogwartsians, let's test your Harry Potter knowledge. This is an HP quiz posted just for fun.

Here are the rules:


1. I will post the first question. The first person who gets it right gets to go next. Only one person asking at a time.


2. Questions can be anything HP related: from the books or movies, about the author, production company, publisher, actors, etc.


3. Since the movies differ from the books, all questions must specify which you are referring to.


4. When answering, no Internet searches allowed. You have to search your mind for the answer. It's okay to guess.


5. If it's your turn, please try and not forget about us. Check in regularly to see if someone has guessed correctly.


6. When it is your turn, be sure to reply only to the original post, and not to a previous comment. This will allow for more responses directly under each challenge.


7. If any question remains unanswered after 24 hrs (because it is too difficult), that turn will be forfeited and I will appoint the next person. (Except on weekends, when I'm not always around.)


Here is the first question:


From the book: What is Cornelius Fudge's middle name?

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Give her hell, Peeves!


Well, we seem to know our HP pretty well. Maybe if we keep it up we can encourage others to join us. Give me a minute to think of something.

Snape offered wine to Bellatrix and Narcissa in The Half-Blood Prince. Who made the wine?



In the seventh book.  What color were Dumbledore's Robes when Harry met him at Kings Cross Station?

Ohh, good one. I'm going to say either emerald green or midnight blue.

Yup.  Midnight Blue.  You know, you are really good at this.  I'm quizzing everyone i can get your answers. lol

Okay, next question: How was Nymphador Tonks and Draco Malfoy related?

Ok that is easy.  They are First Cousins.  (Moms are sisters)

Yep. Your turn.


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