(hat tip to commenters from the last Cosmos thread suggesting this)

two great articles to read about the freakout taking place over Cosmos.  

this really is a scary thing for the science denying crowd.  i see more and more Obama hating conservatives sticking up for science on conservative blogs.  it's a strange phenomenon for me, as i often had to go it largely alone.  now, i have allies whose ideology is 180 degrees from mine, but we agree to hate 'teh stupid'.  science can do more than just enlighten us and move us forward technologically, it can bring us together in ways that religion can only separate.  we may not believe the same things, but we can agree what is complete and total bullshit.  

ps - i have a friend who is a recent convert.  he's loving his (closeted) atheism.  he's a very conservative, liberatarian millionaire.  i'm his only outlet to discuss atheism, which is telling.  

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Future, love your advice to the science deniers.

I second that! 

he's too busy watching everyone all the time, answering a few prayers that he finds particularly compelling (not yours), and plotting man's next extinction (we're pissing him off big time with this gay marriage thing).  

Yeah, he's doing important stuff like Matt says.  what an awesome god. (barf)

The number one reason why creationism gets no time on Cosmos, and deserves none, is that it is not an equal idea. There is simply no evidence whatsoever in any branch of science that points vaguely in the direction of a creator. Not a scratch. In fact, all the evidence points away from one. Creation is simply not a scientific theory. It's not even a wild hypothesis. It's a mythology, and it's completely improper to compare mythology to scientific theories. If it were, we'd have to include literally every creation myth ever invented -- in the interest of "true" equality.

lol, good one Mel!  gotta love Oklahoma.

Something wrong, Sooner State?  You don't like Cosmos messing with your precious superstitions?  Maybe we should get Travis Bickle on their case!

[Nah, too uncouth!]


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