let's face it, the highly religious, the ones we here have the biggest problem with, is the base of the Republican Party.  given this, news of its imminent demise should thrill most Atheists.  and make no mistake, barring a gargantuan shift in policies and rhetoric, they are absolutely on the path towards extinction.  

it's common knowledge that the GOP is an old, white party.  while not an absolute, that is an accurate enough description of the Republican Party today.  two trends to keep in mind here.  one, old people tend to die at a faster rate than young people.  two, white people are shrinking as a percentage of the electorate.  they are running out of supporters, and it's happening quicker than many thought.  

take yesterday's election.  President Obama won over 90% of the black vote and 70% of the latino and asian vote.  Romney did well with seniors and whites overall.  meanwhile, the country is getting browner.  the GOP may end up becoming a whites only club, a nativist and pale collection of isolationists who choose to ignore the changing demographics of the country.  worse, they may choose to keep it this way.  if they choose this path, their extinction is all but guaranteed.  their option would be to abandon their social issues, immigration policies, and economic austery programs and to open up their tent through real policy change.  

anyone wanna bet which way they go?

for Atheists, either way is a win.  if the GOP becomes irrelevant then the power of the religious right goes with it.  if they truly make changes to make more people inclusive and begin to part with their religious base Atheists will celebrate.  yesterday's election is better for Atheists than most people would think.  

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Susan - you raise some excellent points. I never called him a moron, however having a college degree does not guarantee you are smart. George Bush graduated from Yale and Harvard Business School.

I take back my comments on the job front, and perhaps can't deliver a "coherent thought" went too far - however his debate performance shows he is not as strong without a teleprompter. I do not hate him, however I am obviously not a fan. He ran an especially devisive and nasty campaign that did not focus on the real issues out there. I am going through the seven step recovery process. Must still be in the anger phase, I apologize.

I do sincerely hope he can solve some of the pressing problems that he and the country faces - weak economy, exploding deficit, real wars like Afghanistan, Middle East (Egypt, Libya Iran, Syria, Iran), China, terrorism, etc. 


and THAT is why i love Atheists.  Jim, you obviously have a different political bent to you, which is somewhat surprising as a non believer, but fine.  but most importantly, when called on some of your misrepresentations you ADMITTED IT.  a religious person would never do this.  they'd dig in deeper.  

i too hope for those things.  the problems we have now are much less than the problems of 4 years ago.  he was competent and level then, and i expect he can be so now.  let's hope we have a truly great President on our hands.  some historic things happened during the first term.  if the best is yet to come our country will be better off for it.  

Matthew - why must I automatically subscribe to a bigger government philosophy ? I truly fear the consequences of the government promising more than it can deliver. I fear the totalitarian response it could generate down the road. Look at Greece - they have 25% unemployment, 50+ percent unemployment among the young people, anarchy in the streets, and clearly not a home to new medicines, or new products that can improve human condition. I also fear the spread of Islamic fundamentalism that only America seems to have the resources and will to confront.

I think America is an exceptional country, not the only exceptional country, but one that stands out in human history. We have made much progress in this country since our founding, with regard to human rights. We take too much for granted in this country, which is also something that concerns me. Thank YOU for listening and for allowing me to put forth some different points of view. 

"Matthew - why must I automatically subscribe to a bigger government philosophy ?"


you mustn't.  it's an over generalization about Atheists based on social issues.  for some people political affiliation has little to do with religion, obviously.  i suppose we should consider that a good thing.


still, with today's Republican Party i would have a hard time squaring the circle with the religious element inherent in their electorate, even if i agreed with their economic views.  they've gone off the rails and need to be set back on track.  until they do i will never vote for a republican politician.  

It depends on what you mean by big government.  The Republicans claim they want smaller government all the while wanting government to butt their nose in peoples personal lives.

Jim, You have some points about Obama's delivery. Obama does NOT have charisma like, say, Clinton. Now Bush really did come off as ... sooooo unintelligent. Every time he opened his mouth MY mouth dropped open in disbelief. So I like the comparison in your revision of your comment.

But Obama comes off as very intelligent to me. He is just too timid. I wonder if he's too fearful of making a mistake. He has the appearance of someone who is very passionate about his responsibilities and the weight of them, not of someone just trying to pad the pockets of himself and his cronies.

Now can you tell me more about this? ->

He ran an especially devisive and nasty campaign ...

How so?

Susan - you said "He has the appearance of someone who is very passionate about his responsibilities and the weight of them,not of someone just trying to pad the pockets of himself and his cronies". You must not have followed who most of the 'green energy' subsidies went to, often to those who were big fund raisers. But that is typical of our political system, not that specific to Obama.

As to the devisive and nasty campaign. Obama and his proxies, did not run on his record - stimulus, Obamacare, green energy. He did not really offer specifics on his plan for the future (other than raise taxes on "millionares" - actually he has redefined millionaires as anyone making over $200,000 as an individual). Instead he ran 100s of millions of dollars of ads attacking Romney, saying he was just a rich and greedy guy who didn't pay his taxes (harry reid lies), closed companies that cost a woman her life, etc. They said their strategy was going to be "Kill Romney", and they were right about that. The devisive part was the constant class warfare. Looking back I do not ever remember a candidate running on class the way he did (I have been watching since the Nixon/Kennedy election). He ran as a community organizer. The country is much more divided than under Bush.

P.S. Bush was also careful about everything he said. He rarely made a blunder. You must watch a lot of Saturday Night Live :) Biden puts his foot in his mouth multiple times more than Bush ever did.

I guess we just see the world through different color lenses.  

He was the Head of the Harvard Law Review?  I think that qualifies as smart. lol.  Just because he needs a teleprompter doesn't mean he can't deliver a coherent thought!  Maybe he's just not a good speaker? 

I don't know about the Jeremiah Wright thing.  I just think he's playing the game.

I have heard him speak when he was a Senator.  The man does NOT need a teleprompter.  Ronald Regan was considered a great orator and he used a teleprompter as well.  It is just easier.  I guess Jim always delivers speeches off the top of his head and never uses notes. 

I can understand playing a game by going to church but, Jeremiah Wright!?

Wright was good practice to put up with the loonies in Congress.  i'd take listening to Wright over listening to Issa, Imhoffe, Cantor, Bachman, Ryan, Paul, .......and so on.

And how much money are you offering to donate to the charity of Obama's choice in exchange for his college grades, Donald?

Jim, so what?

A very politically active lawyer once told me the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) doesn't test intelligence; it tests compulsiveness. Having taken both the Graduate Record Exam and the LSAT, and done well and poorly respectively, I believed him.

We haven't seen Obama's grades, you might be right but I doubt it.

He uses a teleprompter, and I venture to guess you've done little or no high stakes public speaking.

Political success requires community organizing skills.


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