The Flood Story in the bible may have been inspired from a comet that passed close to earth causing the Ice Age that froze the earth in a icey grip and killed off the dinosaurs while most of the other animals and the cave people (if there were any humans at the time) to go deep under ground in caves not big enough for the woolly mamouths and dinosaurs, and therefore the "Ark" was actually the earth its self and the flood was the Ice-Age, but to the ancient story tellers not being of scientific minded as in later times turned the Ice-Age and the passing of the comet in to a story that would be more acceptable to the people of that time (when the bible was first written) and because of the fundamental belief system of the bible believers they accepted the flood story given by the story tellers as an actual event of it raining forty days and forty nights which may have been the time the comet passed over the earth plunging the earth in to the Ice Age while blocking out the sun. And it might not have happened through out the earth, but nearer its poles at the time is why scientists have discovered plant life in core samples beneath Antarctica, while Australia may have once been the South Pole.

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Wholly run-on sentence Batman! Oops, sorry :)

Dinosaurs died out 65-70 million years ago, long before any ice age that homo sapiens would have been witness to. There are lots of possible explanations for a flood event that could have inspired the Gilgamesh story.
You're joking, aren't you?
Thank you for providing me with a laugh. This has got to be one of the craziest explanations for the flood that I have ever seen. The flood story has ancient roots in real floods that devastated the region (Sumeria) form time to time. For the people who lived at the time the world was a very small place and a flood that went as far as the eye can see would have very likely been described as a flood that covered the world. There are many versions of the flood myth out there. There's Ziusudra, Atrahasis, Berossus, Gilgamesch and of course Noah. All of which are extremely similar. I strongly encourage you to look them up and read them.

I think whoever came up with this explanation is meshing snowball earth theory with world wide flood stories with crazy explanations of the ice age with the creationist craziness of 'Noah couldn't fit the dinosaurs on his ark.' It's mess of misinterpretation, lies, absurdities and insanity.
You nailed it!
Thank you!
I don't believe anyone has ever found proof of the age of man as they keep digging up older and older proof of humans living millions of years ago. Who is to say that humans might have lived at the time of the dinasaurs or before the ice age? Just because no evidence has been found of human existence before the ice age is not proof that there weren't cavemen. I do not believe anyone will ever know how long humans have been on earth or how old the earth really is. Scientist continue to change their mind about how old the earth is and how long humans have been on earth. I do believe in evolution, but even there scientist don't have all of the answers. The belief in supernatural beings may have started during the earliest time of man walking upright and the bible stories are a collection of some of those stories which they embellished. I believe anyone actually believing in these primitive bible stories has the same retarded intelligence as the cavemen and it bemoans me that these same superstitious people have invented the computer, the automobile, the cell phone and spaceships able to take men to the moon and back. How ever these same people allege that while in the womb a baby chooses how they will be born as if the baby has some sort of magical power to decide how they shall be born. Now that is crazy.
I'm not sure where you are getting all of this. Charleton Heston once narrated a documentary on "mysteries of the bible" or some such thing that showed a human footprint supposedly found in the same strata as dinosaur footprints. It was too perfectly executed to have been made by a real person walking and it was a single footprint: like someone had dropped from the sky on one foot then disappeared -- it was an obvious fraud. There are creationists out there who deliberately muddy up the debate so people who want to accept scientific proof will conclude, as it seems you have, that we can't know anything.
If you want a good overview of the evidence for the dominant view of human and other living origins, read The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins. He effectively lays any competing narratives to rest.

One more thing: ancient humans were not stupid. Our brains have not changed appreciably in the last 100,000 years. Cave men (and women) were remarkably creative and resourceful, which is why you and I are here discussing them.
I don't have time to read some one else's books as I am too busy working on my own. But I only believe what I can see, feel or hear as I am a skeptic about everything. Since I was not around a hundred thousand years ago I don't know rather or not what went on and if people were so intelligent then, then why did they embrace religion and why did it take them so long to invent the steam engine or a hot air balloon? Some of the things atheist and theist believe aren't all that much different as I can see. As I stated before I believe only what I see, feel and hear as well as smell. Anything beyond that I can not say because I was not around during the time of the dinosaurs or the ice age. Why should I believe a scientist over anyone else? Why should I believe their testing methods any more than some one else's? Everything is just a theory anyway.
I don't have time to read some one else's books as I am too busy working on my own.
Your posting is evidence that you don't read other peoples books.
if everything is just a theory, do toss a coin when deciding between leaving the house through the front door or through the 3rd floor window?
No, because a scientific theory is a comprehensive explanation of a set of observed phenomena based on thorough testing and verification: not the textbook definition, but close enough, I think. The theory of gravity is not someone's fuzzy notion that it might not be a good idea to go out the 3rd floor window, it's established fact. That's why even fundamentalist Xians don't insist we put a disclaimer in our physics textbooks that gravity is only a theory. If they tried to introduce "levitation science" into the public schools to make sense of the ascension of Jesus, even they would feel like fools. They pick on evolution because watching species evolve is a little more tedious than watching paint dry & most of us don't have the patience to do it.
"they keep digging up older and older proof of humans living millions of years ago."

Humans at the time of the dinosaurs is impossible. I think you are mixing up Homo Sapiens with others in the Homo and Hominid categories. Human ancestors can be traced back to the time of the dinosaurs but so can ancestors of every other living creature on the planet today. All mammals can be traced back to animals called Therapsida. To read some introductory information see this wikipedia link:

"Just because no evidence has been found of human existence before the ice age is not proof that there weren't cavemen."

This sounds suspiciously like when a theist argues that just because there is no evidence for god doesn't mean there isn't a god. Not a good or convincing argument.

"scientist continue to change their mind about how old the earth is and how long humans have been on earth."

Pleas show me where scientists keep changing the age of the Earth and how long humans (aka Homo Sapiens) have been on earth? The Earth is around 4.5 billion years old and practically every scientist out there agrees with this estimate. Homo Sapiens (humans) have been on the planet for about 200,000 years again practically every scientist agrees with this estimate.

"I believe anyone actually believing in these primitive bible stories has the same retarded intelligence as the cavemen."

First of all there really are no such thing as cavemen. Cavemen are charactures of early Homo Sapiens or Homo Neanderthalensis or Homo Heidelbergensis or Cro Magnons ect.. All of these peoples had extremely high intelligences that would compete with our intelligences today.

Also being theistic or atheistic does not make anyone more or less intelligent. It may be fair to say that atheists and other non believers are more rational but we certainly do not have a monopoly on intelligence.


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