The endmeme is an important concept because it endangers all life on the planet.  And it’s getting stronger and stronger since I coined the term in Mirror Reversal in 2007.  It’s the belief that “Christ Is Coming” or the Holy Prophet will soon return riding his flying horse Baraq through the streets of Mecca to scourge the infidel and reward the faithful. 

The endmeme is dangerous because the vast majority of humanity is infected by it.  Most people believe in one of the craziest books ever written, The Book Revelation, the work of frustrated and hopeless lifetime prisoner who must have been on a bad LSD trip.  St. John the Devine cursed the world because two thousand years later, our precious planet is in mortal danger because of his psychotic work. 

The danger of a self-fulfilling prophecy looms closer and closer.  As I write this, Jews and Mohammadans rattle their sabres while Christians all over the world wait anxiously to enter the fray.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu just yesterday issued an ominous warning within just a few miles of the fields of Armageddon.

From Wikipedia:

According to one premillennial Christian interpretation, the Messiah will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist (the "beast") and Satan the Devil in the Battle of Armageddon. Then Satan will be put into the "bottomless pit" or abyss for 1,000 years, known as the Millennial Age. After being released from the abyss, Satan will gather Gog and Magog (peoples of two specific nations) from the four corners of the earth. They will encamp surrounding the "holy ones" and the "beloved city" (this refers to Jerusalem). Fire will come down from God, out of heaven and devour Gog and Magog after the Millennium. The Devil, death, hell, and those not found written in the Book of Life are then thrown into Gehenna (the Lake of Fire burning with brimstone)

It only takes one powerful fanatical world leader to reason:  “Well, we just completed the Millennial Age.  What are waiting for?

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This is the worst kind of wishful thinking.  I've said it before, and I think it bears repeating: such thought is that of those who do NOT want to take responsibility for their actions, but want it usurped: by god, by Jebus, by the antichrist, but by SOMETHING OTHER THAN THEMSELVES.  These people cannot bear the weight of self-responsibility and want to be shut of it ... but they don't want to die, which would be the ultimate horror for them.

The one thing that is worse is that some of them wish so much for it that they're willing to consider themselves the hand of god and work to make such a disaster actually happen.  There are degrees of insanity in an insane asylum, but THOSE are the ones you must be most careful of.

Thanks, Loren.  I’m happy to know someone shares my anxiety over this issue. 

The one thing that is worse is that some of them wish so much for it that they're willing to consider themselves the hand of god and work to make such a disaster actually happen

So true.  There’s even a famous poem that deals with this insanity.  All we need is some world leader repeating “Gog and Magog”, “Gog and Magog”… as does Ginsberg in the closing seconds. 


If it weren’t so real and ominous, it would be funny.


Come on fellas, let’s not get all worked up and filled with “anxiety” about the book of Revelation.

And Richard, it ain’t true that:

“The endmeme is dangerous because the vast majority of humanity is infected by it.  Most people believe in one of the craziest books ever written, The Book Revelation. . .”

There are as many interpretations of Revelation as there are people who have bothered to read it.  And even when you ask them what Revelation is about, you might get some to answer:  Ahhhh, the end of the world?”

And if you ask the average guy on the street if the world is coming to an end, many might answer: “errr . . . yea.”  When?  “Ah, I don’t know.”  Indeed there are nut cases.  Suicide bombers are all the evidence you need to know that.

But when you observe:

It only takes one powerful fanatical world leader to reason:  “Well, we just completed the Millennial Age.  What are waiting for?

It is just as easy to think:

It only takes one powerful fanatical world leader to reason:  “Well, we’ve just entered a new millennium, let’s change the world to one of piece and love.”

We should be wrestling the ideas of peace and love from the monopoly on those concepts that religion presumes.  

Much more pleasant than worrying about religion’s contradictory endmeme silliness.

Only one problem with your reasoning, Asa, and it's a serious one:

It's always been easier to destroy than to create.  Positive entropy has always been a lot more available than the negative variety.  Edmund Burke's quote about evil's triumph when good men do nothing speaks directly to this business.

Personally, I don't know as I WORRY that much about it ... but I am CONCERNED about it.  They say that to change the world you start by changing yourself.  So I help where I can and keep an eye out for the kinds of people or actions that seem especially entropic.  It ain't much, but it's something to do.

Well, Loren, I don’t believe that there is any problem with my reasoning . . . any more than you believe there might be a problem with yours.

They say that to change the world you start by changing yourself.”


And I say that you can change yourself by changing the way you think about others.

I would refute Asa’s reply by indicating we’re not talking about the common Joe or Mohammad on the street.  It only takes one fanatic to conflagrate the entire world.  Look what Hitler did and that was before the nuclear age.  Look what W. Bush did by talking to God; the country is still ravaged by unnecessary and stupid war. 

It’s happened many times in history.  Religion is one of the main reasons for war.



I am not in agreement that Hitler ravaged a continent by himself, anymore than George Washington can be credited with creating the United States.

And I am not in any position to deny you your opinion of George Bush or excuse him of his criminal behavior.  

But let’s try to keep things in a twenty first century perspective here.

George Bush ain’t one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, nor was Osama Bin Laden, or Barack Obama for that matter.

There are some threats, real threats, that we should take seriously, but unless there is a big asteroid out there with earth’s name on it, I don’t think we have to worry about the end of the world.

Asa, actually the endmeme isn't the worst of our worries.  Climate change, (GM being obsolete) looms closer than you might think.  We see signs in multitudinous ways:  brush fires in Colorado, mud slides in Canada, tornedos in the Great Plains, a terrible draught in Iowa.  I live in Florida and July was the hottest month I've ever experienced in 20 years of living here.

Once the glaciers melt down, many rivers will dry up and it’s all over.

As I mentioned in the text above, I can see Christians saying, “it’s God’s will,” but humans were the ones who caused it all to happen.

Hence the self-fulfilling prophecy.

can' argue with that

Endmemes may inhabit a niche for destructiveness in the memosphere, associated with radical cultural reorganization. Just as metabolism has both catabolic and anabolic functions, cultural maintenance has processes that foster coherence and those for dissolution. While destructive processes have an essential role in removing dysfunctional cultural features, they obviously have vastly more power to cause damage. Lots of meme variations can temporarily flourish in situations conducive to rapid change, where short term feedback is ineffective for weeding out bad predictions. Perhaps the magic cargo plane hasn't come yet because one holdout hasn't finished destroying the last of her old-culture valuables. When the benefit is supposed to arrive post-destruction, how does a doubter argue against community madness?

This is one of the reasons I suspect that memetics may be essential to creating a sustainable planet. It's the only tool of reason suited to assist infected hosts in questioning their particular anabolic memeplex through analysis. That said, the forces of reason have to have on hand an alternative memeplex to fit the mental state of the infected which channels energies into building a better world.

We need our own appealing story of what this transition is, who we are in it, what kind of better world we seek, and what actions will work to bring it to fruition. The self-fulfilling prophecy feature of endmemes must to be grasped by infected hosts, by seeing their particular endmeme as part of this class, in historical context of how similar memes wiped out their hosts.

One of the most insidious aspects of current endmemes is their "us versus them" boundaries, since in this global crisis we will only save ourselves by casting aside divisiveness. If we stand at the precipice of a death dealing planet, separated and fragmented, fighting ourselves, we'll stumble past the window of opportunity for a liveable future. In fact, that window seems to be already  closing. How many years ago did scientists warn that we only had ten years to avert the most catastrophic climate changes? Aren't we leaving the decade of opportunity and entering into the time of climate consequences?

This reply too has endmeme traits, but I submit that it's a meta-endmeme.

Beautiful, brava. 


Yes, beautiful Ruth!


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