The cost of masculine crime

"Men are, by a huge margin, the sex responsible for violent, sexual and other serious crime. The economic cost of this ‘masculine excess’ in delinquency is staggering - to say nothing of its emotional toll. Why is the social shaping of masculinity not an urgent policy issue?"

Don't give me the old bromide that testosterone did it! That is an excuse! A denial of self-responsibility! A claim that protects violent men from being held accountable. Both men and women suffer because of these brutes! 


"Of the one-third of a million people in England and Wales found guilty of an indictable offence in the 12 months ending June 2012, 85% were men. The more violent the crime, the more men predominate. From a unique table deep in the quarterly Ministry of Justice Criminal Justice Statistics Bulletin for England and Wales we learn that males were 88% of those found guilty of violence against the person, and more than 98% of those committing sexual offences."

Just as the women of Turkey, dressed from head to toe in heavy gabardine in 100 degree F weather, to conceal their bodies because men couldn't control their impulses to rape, so, men of many countries continue to think they are entitled to use and abuse women. Doesn't that sound sophomoric to you? How can anyone claim they can't control their natural urges? If men were subject to such impulses, doesn't that imply those who can't exist as less human than the gentler ones? More like beasts than Homo sapiens. 

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Joan, that sobbing mother is so sad, and I can't even picture the 100s of thousands like her, and how sad that would be.  I'm sobbing just thinking about her.

Personally, I always wanted girls.  For one thing, I've always enjoyed talking about many things, including feelings, that males don't want to talk about.  Plus, I've never been interested in sports, cars, wrestling, fighting, or making critical remarks about someone I'm talking to in a "humorous" way, that seems to be a form of bonding that males do.

Hey Spud.....I think  more  men  are willing  to show  their  vulnerable side  now, so you are not alone....The so called  `Metrosexuals'   is an example.......Men are into fashion and  better  grooming.   All this  is  good.....In the previous  generations, men were  very  defensive  about their  masculinity  amongst their peers, and  tended  to  act as macho  as possible.....So it is refreshing to see  more of them lighten up a bit.......    

I've never been interested in...wrestling, fighting, or making critical remarks about someone I'm talking to in a "humorous" way...

You (and quite a few of the men who write on A|N) are well outside that restrictive "man box" that so many men and boys are socialized into -- an aspect of Dominator Culture that, as bell hooks wrote, frames all relationships as power struggles.

I too will gladly take relating to each other as whole people instead!

You do know that in the first world, men are MORE likely to be abused in relationships than women, right? And that they still feel that the figures could be worse, because men being abused often goes unreported because they don't feel the police will do anything. And that it's not just about women being in prison less, their are a lot of studies that show the law system often lets women off with less, even when they do the same crimes.

You appear to be generalizing from a study in Sweden. 

It could be, because there's a social standard against men hitting women.  A woman hitting a man is a lot less likely to do serious damage, because of less average strength. 

However, much more of the severe injury from physical abuse is suffered by women than men.  If you have a study questioning that, it would be interesting to see.

There's a reason why there are battered women's shelters and few if any battered men's shelters. 

Actually, the reason that there aren't battered men shelters is for an entirely different reason, and Erin Pizzey can say more on that. She has written many books and I'm sure she's probably on youtube also. She opened one of the first women's shelters in the world.

Ćenek, During the Crusades, the men left Europe carrying the flag of Roman Catholicism, and plundered their way to the Holy Lands where they committed horrendous crimes. Women remained behind, managed the farms, businesses, enterprises and cared for children and elderly and the responsibilities of the home. They were good managers and the reports from those terrible years were that businesses flourished. 

When the men returned, they wrested control of family, farm, business from the women, some with brutal force. Many women were beaten, children suffered, businesses did not flourish.The economic history of this period was dismal. Many women were forced out of their homes, some without their children. There was a woman in Brugge, Belgium, Margeurite, who was the sole heir to her father's prosperous wool and flax farm. She opened her estate to women and children needing a home, food, health care, and training to support themselves. She took in very badly nourished women and children and restored them through good nutrition. She taught them physical hygiene as well as how to perform the tasks of skilled trades. The women and children were able to leave the safety and security of Margeurite's home and became self-sufficient. Many of those women went out on a mission of their own, opening women and children's shelters from Turkey to Spain. This was the beginning of the béguinage movement. Margeurite was put in a wicker basket and burned to death for heresy/ 

I didn't know that Joan. Obviously Pizzey was way after that movement (in the late 60's I believe) 

I know that many people count convents as refuges for women but I do not for obvious reasons. Even though Margeurite's establishments were religious based it seems like they represented unparalleled freedom for their time period. 

The statistics on serious domestic violence - going to the hospital because of domestic violence - are skewed about 6 to 1, women to men.  See,%20Gender%20symm...

What I said is accurate, according to this article. 

Also, far more men than women kill their spouses. 

The idea that violence done by women to men is underreported is not supported by evidence, according to this article. 

In response to the notion that men would be too ashamed or humiliated to call the police or go to the hospital if they were beaten by their wives, available empirical evidence suggests a very different picture: Men who are assaulted by intimates are actually more likely to call the police, more likely to press charges, and less likely to drop them.

Well it's been a while since I read her books and I want to be careful not to misrepresent her. But Pizzey described how as part of caring for these abused women and children she discovered that there was just as many men but that they didn't have a place.

As a feminist who was trying to make real change in the world, she opened a shelter for men. This  was apparently very unpopular to the point where after a series of threats and her family dog was killed she fled with her family to Canada. 

Obviously there are shelters for men and boys. But the ratio is closer to 1:100 than 1:6. And I wonder why this is - I do not believe that everyone wanting to open a male shelter is being threatened, but perhaps there it isn't as easy to get funding.

Obviously there are shelters for men and boys. But the ratio is closer to 1:100 than 1:6.

Battered women's shelters are emergency housing and often unpleasant places to stay.  They are a last resort for women who can't afford a better place.  A hotel room is a much nicer escape. 

Men have more money to buy a hotel room if they need to get away.  The women tend to be dependent, unpaid workers at home without access to much money.  Probably especially true of battered women. 

A woman hitting a man is a lot less likely to do serious damage, because of less average strength.

That's true, Luara, and a Sacramento woman knew it.

She went to prison for poisoning several men.


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