I just talked to a troubled lady this morning and she revealed to me that her long-time husband had died recently.  Then she added that he had cancer, and was given a 6 month prognosis 10 years ago.  She said she was so blessed because god had given her all those extra years.  She also said that the he really suffered for the second half of those years.


????????????????? ??



Just wanted to vent and see how often you encounter crazy shit like this.

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Dr Kellie, a friends daughter who is 21 just miscarried.  She took one of those super-early detecting home tests and announced she was pregnant immediately.  Miscarried the next day.  Put on Facebook that TANNER SOMETHINGOROTHER was in heaven now, because HE was too beautiful for earth.  SERIOUSLY???????  It was more like a few divided cells and she NAMED THEM A BOY'S NAME.  I had two of those super-early miscarriages.  I was disappointed, of course, but figured nature was taking care of it because it couldn't have been a viable pregnancy.  Like 50% of fertilized eggs don't become babies or something?  Now she can't use the boys name they picked-out if and/or when they actually do have a baby boy.

The name thing is the first thing I thought of when I started into your post.  How crazy. 

I know a man whose mother did worse than that...she named him after a previous son who died when he was 3 or 4 yers old.  And he has always known that!

He uses his middle name professionally.



funny cat pictures - ♪Iz bringing creepy back, dem humans don't know 'bout my sneak attack♪

It happens more often than you think. My father was named after a brother that died at the age of one  - and he got the same illness that killed his brother, but survived. After that they spoiled him rotten, giving him everything meant for his brother and he grew into an lazy,egocentric, nasty man.

You aren't mean, booklover. You are practical. And grown. This woman sounds like a big baby. If I were you, I'd Facebook "break up" with her LOL.

Thanks Shannon, and I am going to do that.  We still used to e-mail though, but I know she won't.  I don't care though!~ Melinda

I love it that yall are talking about this stuff, because we are all dealing with it in some form or another.  I had a high school acquaintance IM me a few months ago.  We hadn't talked since school (1987), and she wanted to tell me all about her kids and church and all the things I don't care to hear about.  When she asked me where I go to church, I told her I was a good old-fashioned gay atheist.  I never heard from her again.  Mission accomplished!


Perfect Dr. Kellie!

I recently re connected with people from high school. I was gone for nearly 7 years, in NY and CA, and came back to live here to get a degree, because my parents let me move in rent free, just since I pay for my own food and stuff.

This is a small southern town, where nobody every changes or leaves. I've had all but one, who is also a gay atheist, de friend me. One I de friended myself because he kept dropping bombs re:god vs gay, and starting heated arguments in his feed. I saw what kinds of people he is associated with- a bunch of bible thumping bigots- and saw that his own views on homosexuality are less than kosher...and well, you get the picture. Not really the kind of person I want in my life.

Far too often!  


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