I just talked to a troubled lady this morning and she revealed to me that her long-time husband had died recently.  Then she added that he had cancer, and was given a 6 month prognosis 10 years ago.  She said she was so blessed because god had given her all those extra years.  She also said that the he really suffered for the second half of those years.


????????????????? ??



Just wanted to vent and see how often you encounter crazy shit like this.

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I have to agree with you, although right now I'm dealing with a great deal of anger at a friend who committed suicide a couple of weeks ago.  She was NOT any more terminally ill than we all are, nor was she in terrible physical pain.  But she's been in emotional pain since her husband died 18 months ago.  I thought she was beginning to pull herself together, but I guess she was just acting.

As for the pet question...if any of Dr. Kellie's clients actually believe in an afterlife, I would tell them to look up the Rainbow Bridge web site. I can't stand receiving their cards and e-cards when one of my cats die, but it seems to comfort a lot of people.

Of course really tight a**ed believers would be offended at the idea that animals have souls at all.

I meant to add..."Whatever a 'soul' is. Or isn't."  (Aretha Franklin?)

UGH!  I know a woman whose daughter (hopefully) is cured of her cancer (she is 13 now I think), who put a link up on her daughter's CaringBridge page about "Don't Waste Your Cancer", and how 'god' gives some people cancer and then cures some of them so 'he' will be worshiped, but doesn't cure some of them, but it is for a good 'reason' that we just can't know, blah, blah, blah.

I felt physically sick after reading this.  I am SO glad her daughter seems to be okay, but they kept putting on her page all her friends in the hospital who died, saying, instead of they died, that they had 'earned their angel-wings.'  SICK SICK minds.

I have a problem with just about anybody who uses a prettified euphemism for death anymore.  Especially the single word "passed."  "Passed" WHAT?  An exam? Every other car on the road?  The butter?  GAS?

I'm crude.  But I figure that since I "passed" 70, I'm entitled to be as crabby and rude as Maxine now.

I'm loving it!

I HAD a friend who, I'm sure, read on Facebook that I am an Atheist.  I'm sure she was shocked because for 33 years she has been telling me how nice I am.  She never, ever 'talks' to me anymore on FB or e-mails, but she is too polite to 'break-up' with me.  She is 45, and her Dad died 2 years ago, and she CONSTANTLY puts these long posts on FB about how she misses her Daddy, and he was such a good Daddy, and she can only get through losing him (he was 80) because she KNOWS he is up in heaven watching over her, and someday they will be reunited.  I know it sounds mean, and I'd never say it to her, ever, but Grow UP!!!!!!!

I wouldn't think you mean if you told her to grow up. And you don't even consider what she does to you!

Thanks Chris.  I guess I just don't care enough about the friendship that really isn't, to say anything.  Let's just say she is one of those people who are very nice, but really dumb, and she wouldn't get it anyway.~ Melinda

I once heard a family member of mine say that they just couldn't go on living if they weren't certain that their deceased son was sitting next to the zombie jesus right now.

Ugh.  I can't imagine losing a child, and I don't even want to try and imagine it, but seriously THAT makes someone feel better?  I've only lost my grandparents, and thinking of them brings back their voices, memories, even the way they smelled, lol!  And that is enough for me.~Melinda

I just got a mental image of what it would look like if every person whose friends and relatives believed he/she was "sitting next to Jesus" actually was.

The phrase "Jesus is sitting on the right hand of god" cracks me up, too.  Does god have his hand flat, or is his thumb up....?

 [ducks and runs for the door]

I like to picture billions of spontaneously and intentionally aborted fetuses next to Jesus.

LOL!  I love it!  Especially when you consider that about 50% of ALL blastocysts or embryos spontaneously abort before anyone knows they're in there.

T'would be messy.

PS: Thanks for the personal message.  I'm working on it; this place, and other e-friends are all helping a lot.  What p*sses me off the most is that there are still thousands of fence-sitters and atheist newbies out there who need to read what she had to say.  Her web site will remain up as long as the webmaster can hang onto the domain name.  http://s129542369.onlinehome.us/thh/

(Her webmaster put a totally inappropriate quote from Aristophanes under her photo, but he's not "one of us."  Yet.)


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