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This is a quote from Allen Watt.  One of the best speakers about religion on NPR.  If you don't believe me just read the book of Leviticus.  

Fundamentalist Christians raciest are the most none Christlike people in America.  I have been an Atheist since I was very young  but I have read the bible from front to back.  It is full of a lot of ideology similar to the Muslim Bible.  Stoning people, selling you children, not going near a woman who is having her cycle.

The only redeeming thing in it is Christ's teaching.  Love you neighbor, do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

How can Christians be so fucking hateful?    

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I told my friend about about the Buddhist connection and he went through the roof. He is a retired minister. It just goes to show how people who believe the bible is the word of god refuse to even discuss the possibility of any other ideas about that evil rag. The History Channel has had several really great shows about how the bible came into being, A professor who is an expert said that when the translations were don there were many word that were translated wrong. She said that the word Virgin was completely wrong, The word in Aramaic is one of those words that just doesn't translate and the true meaning was closer to "Miss or Mrs" but even that isn't the real translation but was as close as you can get. You probably know that translating words can be very tricky. Some word are almost imposable to translate.
"She said that the word Virgin was completely wrong, The word in Aramaic is one of those words that just doesn't translate and the true meaning was closer to "Miss or Mrs" but even that isn't the real translation but was as close as you can get."

So you're saying that some of the gospel writers did not believe Mary to be a virgin?
That would be news to Matthew:

When his mother Mary had been betrothed[b] to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child(C) from the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 1:18)
You can see the actual scrolls of the book of Mary on line. It was written long before most of the other gospels. Just google it and you can find the pictures of the scrolls.
I find it mind-boggling that you think I don't know what the Gospel of Mary is.

The gospel of Mary is generally dated to 120-180 AD and is a Gnostic gospel. It includes various forms of Gnostic theology that we know for a fact only arose in the Second Century AD. That puts it at a minimum of 25 years later than John, and a minimum of 55 later than Mark. To say that "it was written long before most of the other gospels" is ludicrous.
Also, the Gnostics regularly prided themselves on being "pure revelation" instead of based on tradition (like the oral traditions on which the canonical gospels are based) so more than likely this book was made while they were stoned out of their minds and making up whatever story they can to fit their theology.

Seriously, what's with this obsession with the Gnostics?
OK my friends, enough arguing scroll history. Can we not agree that this argument you have started is not the same reason why we call ourselves atheists? Are you not becoming that which brought you here in the first place?
I have no idea why you assume to know what brought me here in the first place... I came here to find a place of rationality and scepticism, and where wrong ideas were disregarded without clinging to them.

So when I see someone claiming something that is demonstrably wrong (in this case, discredited ideas about the Gospel of Mary and Jesus backpacking in India) then I will point that out and I expect people to do proper research on it.

Nobody's in danger of being hurt here.
Agreed, and I assume nothing my friend. You are correct, we all come here for our own reasons.

I believe that even if we were all there to hear and see what was done and said ourselves we would still have a different story to tell.

Truth and poetry are one in the same, yes?
Well sure, if I was there I would have thought Jesus was a ranting nutter ;)
People come here to read and learn about other peoples views.
I don't think of it as arguing. I think of it as a place for intellectual learning. Different opinions is not argument but a way of discussing idea that might be different from yours.
They were the first true Christians. The Catholic church hated them and almost destroyed them.
I stand corrected on the dates. I had read somewhere that it was written before most of the other gospels,


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