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This is a quote from Allen Watt.  One of the best speakers about religion on NPR.  If you don't believe me just read the book of Leviticus.  

Fundamentalist Christians raciest are the most none Christlike people in America.  I have been an Atheist since I was very young  but I have read the bible from front to back.  It is full of a lot of ideology similar to the Muslim Bible.  Stoning people, selling you children, not going near a woman who is having her cycle.

The only redeeming thing in it is Christ's teaching.  Love you neighbor, do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

How can Christians be so fucking hateful?    

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I'm glad you pointed that out. I thought of commenting with a reference to Heine's famous quote, "Those who burn books end up burning people," but realized that replacing burn with masturbate simply didn't get the point across. Nevertheless, antagonism toward a book or an idea that expresses itself in acts of physical violence or degradation is hardly the approach to take.
I'm not sure what you are saying. Are you saying it is wrong to criticize the bible?
Not by any means! No book or mis-use of a book deserves it more. I mentioned this only because when I came across Atheist-Nexus and decided to join it was on the hopeful pretense that the members were above the use of violence or vulgarity to get an idea across. I can certainly take all the colorful language that anyone cares to use. But destroying a bible with bodily fluids and shouting obscenities at non-existent entities is, in my opinion, counter productive.

I might also add that the majority of this thread has been most enlightening and precisely why I came here in the first place.
Agreed. I wouldn't deface a book filled with Roman mythology just because it was wrong. I wouldn't even deface a book like Mein Kampf which is filled with lies and has led to incredible suffering. So why you'd do it with the Bible is beyond me.

I think we can be above the childish "blaspheming by masturbating" stuff. It's strange why many atheists seem to want to blaspheme as much as possible, in whatever way possible. That can't possibly have a purpose, since all you're doing is being delibaretely provocative and rude. And it just fuels the conception of atheists as these angry little adolescent rebels.

In this case, that criticism wouldn't even be misplaced.
I think it is more of a political statement then a sexual one. Or maybe a form of art. Remember the glass of urine with the cross in it.
To a Christian, a lot of what I say about anything is blasphemy.

Hey, it's his book.  There's nothing wrong with defacing or burning your own personal copy of a book.  Historically, book burning has consisted of authorities rounding up as many copies of a book as they can in an attempt to control distribution of ideas.  That's the sin.


Someone mentioned cherry-picking.  The greatest example of that is the religious right's obsession with abortion, which is never mentioned in the Bible.  But somehow they know God hates it.  The Bible does condemn homosexuality, though Jesus says nothing about it.  As for food, when the Pharisees criticize Jesus for not washing his hands before eating, he calls them hypocrites because washing one's hands is a tradition of the Elders, not a law from God.  He then states that what goes into a man does not defile, but what comes out.  The narrator interprets this as "Thus, he made all foods clean."  This event takes place just a few verses after Jesus has said that the law will not change until heaven and earth have passed away.  I have heard Christian leaders say that the law of the Old Testament applies except the parts that Jesus overrules.  Funny that they still support the death penalty.  In Matthew 5:37, Jesus says "You have been told an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," but in the next verse he says "But I say unto you that if a man strike you on one cheek, turn to him the other."  Weird.

Are you sure he wasn't joking.
I grew up in a Souther Baptist family. I stopped believing when I was 6 or 7. It would have been an awful mess if I had told my parents at that age, I grew up as a child with 2 great secrets and it had a very negative effect on my youth. I was both Gay and a Atheist. God it was a lonely childhood.
Because their belief system is based on completely created mumblings from Bronze age goat herders. There was no knowlege, no education and absolutely no idea what the answers were to the 'big' questions. The purveyors of the abrahamic religions went to town. They knew they were dealing with peoples uncertainties and innocent idiocy, when the development of the idea of an after life, a totally un-provable proposition without a modicum of proof, became the winning concept. But one wasn't enough. they came up with three totally incompatable versions. They are all scarred with bigotry and hatred, hatred of the opposing belief systems, for some reason Pork and other wierd and just plain ridiculous concepts. But hey, it seems to have worked. We've been encumbured with this rot for thousands of years. Because it's been around a while and is followed by lots of (deluded) people, it enjoys a credibility way out of place with its reality. Hatred and bigotry give the cleric class a way to frighten and control their 'flock' (of sheep) and that's what they really need to enable to con to continue.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that most religious leaders do believe what they're preaching.  Or else they think that, as Paul said, lying in order to save a soul is ok.  Their followers are brainwashed or stupid or some combination of the two.  Pat Robertson claims he can leg press 2,000 pounds, and I've seen the video of him doing it without even straining.  Except I know it can't be done because the world record, set by someone in his prime rather than a frail looking 76-year-old, is around 1400, so Robertson and the two assistants in the video are all lying.  Yet a lot of Christians believe it.  Just another miracle.
They use the excuse that the new testament says the old laws must also be observed and shall not pass until the end of days. That's how they justify that they are peaceful by claiming love thy neighbor but can also claim that god hates fags.


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