The 2nd foundational falsehood of creationism: scriptures are the “Word of God”. script

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Hehe... I'll admit that I have a huge man crush on Aronra, the creator of the "Foundational Falsehoods" series. His "An Archaeological Moment in Time" video on youtube is also excellent.


Original essay:

It is great, I had not run across it so thinks for the link. 

Maybe a little off-topic, but I HAD a friend who ACTUALLY BELIEVED that 'god' picked-up the writers hand (with his invisible one, lol) and made each writer who wrote the bible write.  Physically.  WHAT?!  I said why not just write it himself and drop it out of the sky?  She said nobody knows... LOL (We don't hang-out anymore).

I know what you mean, booklover, and there is no way to get away from the belief and faith of this nature. A very dear cousin and another, my best friend in high school have been engulfed by religion. I just had to say "goodbye". 

I know Joan, it's sad.  She was the best friend I ever had, but I could NOT handle that.  I was SO uncomfortable around her.  We just had nothing in common anymore.

Friends, we can share


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