This years Templeton Prize is a tad more surreal than usual -

Physicist Receives Million-Pound Prize for Predicting a 'Hypercosmic God', by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D.*

You can read it for yourselves. The choicest part though for me is -

In this model, there is no way to know this divine being or connect with him in a meaningful way. D’Espagnat’s notion of the impersonal/unknowable aspect of this god is not actually predicted by the model, but simply represents his own opinion on the matter.

There you go - all you need to win the annual 1 million pound sterling (1.42 million USD) prize is an opinion, all that boring scientific stuff is just irrelevant clutter.

* Its a rule of thumb that the loonier the clown is, the more they stress the initials after their name with pitiful desperation. Quote - "Dr. Tomkins is Research Associate at the Institute for Creation Research". All the genuine Ph.D's I've ever met are loathe to use the term for anything other than the driest of formal communications.

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