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Is suicide wrong? It's obvious that suicide should not be the first solution tried in order to fix a problem, but who's to say that someone shouldn't take their own life if they so wish? Under what circumstance is it alright, if ever?

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I don't disagree with suicide as a personal option. I doubt it will often be an easy option, and don't think it should be dismissed as necessarily selfish. It's too judgemental to assume that someone who suicides has not considered others first, and far too judgemental to assume that anyone who does weigh up those options and still goes ahead with a suicide attempt has not given due weight to the feelings of others.
My brother committed suicide in October. On the surface, I actually respect his decision, although I miss him. Deeper, however, I resent what he did to me and my family.

I know people often skip straight to "suicide is the most selfish act possible", but I have to sit and wonder if those people have ever "been there". You know that your family and friends love you, but you don't feel it. And you don't care, because you feel like you've never been happy and you'll never be happy again. All other logic and the emotion cannot touch you.

We have help now. I think it goes without saying that the depressed should try to get away from that situation. Therapy, medication, lifestyle changes... My brother tried them all. For years. Still, he said that he had enjoyed very little for over a decade. His last medication made him worse, he revealed this to me a week before he died. I didn't know what he meant and didn't give it another thought, and none of us knew about the counseling. He kept a journal for years detailing how his medication and treatments were affecting him. Apparently, nothing could touch him.

I'm still mad. But I don't know that I can criminalize him. A friend of mine had a brother who hung himself after a fight with his mom. He's an easier target for anger.

My entire family went through a quick non-suicide pact the day we knew for sure about Maggie. Now I'm in therapy, and mild anti-anxiety/depressants have been gently suggested. At first I was skeptical at best, but more and more I'm understanding how much my quality of life is compromised by my inhibitions and mood swings. Ha, the accutane doesn't help. I know that committing suicide, for me, would be wrong. My mom cried every day for months when Maggie died. She lives for her children. I know that I'm capable to getting to that "place" in my mind. But I still think it would be ... well, the equivalent of a "sin" to an atheist.
I believe nothing a person can do is ever "wrong" when it involves just "you," just as I believe that nothing done between or among consenting adults is wrong. The only "wrong" is when you involve others without their consent or involve those who are too young to give legal consent. Now, I admit that it would make me unhappy if, say, my husband committed suicide, but I would say that it is all right and not wrong for him to choose to do so.


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