This is actually a suggestion that I Stumbled and have since lost, but is quick, easy and painless.

During your daily stumbling, get into the habit of clicking I like it! for any atheist related item you see, even if you don't really read it or like it. What this will do is build the stats and increase the probability of it being presented to other stumblers. It is an easy way to spread atheism without really doing anything.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here.

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You mean this is more useful than hitting the "like" button on SitOnMyFacebook?
Seems like Ning. Which runs this socio-datagathering-networking-organizational site/thing. btw, ning is 'heaven' in chinese me thinx
I actually found the Nexus thanks to StumbleUpon. I believe I landed on someone's blog entry about how a guy's five year old son knew that god was a silly idea.
So did I. Keep saying we should do a poll on ho people got here. I think stumbling would be close to the top.


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