The drought-stricken Colorado River Basin has experienced rapid and significant groundwater depletion since late 2004, posing a greater threat to the water supply of the western United States than previously thought, according to a new study by NASA and University of California, Irvine.

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Southern CA has always been a desert! 

I live in the San Fernando Valley (grew up here, too), and part of our history classes, beginning in the 4th grade, was about the importation (robbery) of water first from Northern CA, and then much more from the Colorado River system, starting in the early 20th Century.

I used to dog-sit for a couple who had diverted all their reusable water (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) into their back yard and vegetable garden.  Worked fine, as far as I know.

Thought to be related to global warming. 

Also cattle are very costly in water - irrigating the farmland to make their feed, etc. etc.

Sadly, the evidence is clear and cannot be refuted. Human beings, at the top of the food chain, will mean water AND food loss to economically poor Homo sapiens!

"Human beings, at the top of the food chain, will mean water AND food loss to economically poor Homo sapiens!"

That is a very important distinction you made, Joan, but unfortunately true.  The poor will unfairly and disproportionately suffer first.

Here's the article from Slate magazine. The before and after photos are incredibly disturbing. I was at Hoover Dam about 3 years ago, and seeing the drop in the water level in just a few years is mind boggling.

Excellent visual image of water losses. I am sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks Pat. 

Hey Pat! We were at Hoover Dam 3 years ago also!

Amazing place. I did enjoy touring the Hoover Dam. Drove out there from Illinois. Stayed in Las Vegas, which I enjoyed, even though I don't gamble. 

Same here Pat! But we flew out of Rockford, IL. Stayed at the Bellagio! We don't gamble either, but saw a great Cirque D' Soliel (sp?) show, called "O!" Also drove to Red Rock Canyon, which was beautiful!

The evidence piles up so fast, that any thinking human being can see there is a huge problem looming in our future. With understanding what is happening and why, planning and projects can reverse the trends and create a new normal. 

There is no reason we should remain silent in the face of this tragedy already happening. We have to confront those who make decisions based on traditions, "We've always done it this way!" to a new paradigm that says, "We have to pay attention to what is happening and make changes in our attitudes!"

Evidence is the last thing the politicians want to consider. I feel it derives from the financial systems which are all about short termism. Quarterly reports and instant gratification. Long term doesn't extend much beyond that and it isn't looking very good when you listen to the 99% of the scientists who have been predicting this kind of scenario for some time.

The worrying thing is have we already reached the tipping point?

Fracking is being proposed in the Karoo desert in South Africa and everybody (politicians and industry) sweep the dangers under the carpet. Although I guess it is easy if you have an income and options which the impoverished don't enjoy when they are promised benefits such as jobs.Whether the benefits materialise remains to be seen.

Mandatory contraception (2 kids per family) would be a good way to start.  Heavy fines for idiots like the Duggars.


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