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Recently my 15th birthday was upon me,this is about what my grandparents decided to do.And my Rage that followed
So my dad has these weekly phone conversations with my grandparents telling them how me and my siblings are and what not. It was one of these times my dad was telling his parents that their grandson is an Atheist.(Note to readers: My Grandparents are strongly religious,but not practicing Christians.) So when my birthday came by, or a few days after I got a package in the mail. When I opened the package just so happened to be the day my grandparents call,Meh right? Wrong.
Inside that conspicuous box, was the spit in my face.By both my dad and them. A bible, Not a normal one but a teen one which they just so happen to get me for my birthday.Perfect timing may say them. Not only was I steaming mad, I was forced to thank them for it.They said "if you ever have doubt in yourself you can open it up" Yea I have a school consular which I could tell anything to. But this,She has a few crosses in her office which makes me feel uncomfortable with this situation,if it ever came up.My dad shouldn't have done this, Almost betrayal, I've talked openly about my atheism to him and he did this?Feeble mindedness mess...
How should I go about this? They want to sign it when they come for a visit in April.What should I say to them when they ask? I know it sounds disrespectful to them but I need your opinon,My friends were no help.
Thanks for reading and such.

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A lot of people are giving you advice and some of it is sound. The main thing is to remain calm and civil. We don't convince others that atheists are reasonable, sane, thinking, rational people unless we act like reasonable, sane, thinking, rational people.

I've been an atheist for nearly 30 years now and I have quite the collection of religious texts in my house. I have various versions of the Bible, the Book of Mormon (now there's some loopy stuff), the Quran and several more.

From your grandparents' perspective, this was a thoughtful gift designed to save you from Hell, a place that they believe is real. They probably truly believe that they're doing you a great service. Accept the gift in the spirit it was given. Again, be calm and civil.

One thing you can honestly tell them is that it's not something you'd get for yourself.

Do talk with your father openly about this. He expects you to respect his opinions and it's time he started respecting yours. Don't be confrontational. You might start with something like, "Dad, I really wish you hadn't told Grandma and Grandpa that I'm an atheist. That was really my call, don't you think?"

I have a couple of kids a few years older than you and my son is starting his exploration of the world's religions. I've made it clear to him that it's his decision but I hope he approaches it with the idea that nothing is above questioning and that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I've also made it clear that if he chooses to become religious, it's not changing my mind. He's known for years that if he disagrees with me, I'm a fierce debater and won't pull punches when I think an idea is asinine.

Good luck, whatever you do. Keep us informed about how this unfolds.
Well they did come in May not April and signed it when I was at school,I couldn't highlight the bad junk because I had hidden it from my dad.And he found it.

They also debated me, when i was in no shape to do so,hehehe. but I didn't make myself look stupid.I actually surprised my grandparents by knowing a lot about genesis and the whole shi-bang.they tried to give me that crap like"oh see you do know your bible", well i have to know it to know what material evidence I'm debating against.It pissed me off.

I asked them if they believed prayer worked and they said no, I also quizzed them to see if they thought we lived on a "young earth" again no,so confused out of my mind and not knowing what else to say my dad pips and and tells them to leave me alone about it. They nod but look back at me and said maybe when your going through hardships when your older you will look towards the bible.No i wouldn't I told them I'm not afraid of my own mortality and won't have regrets what I've done in life.

Well there's a bunch more but I'm too tired to type it all right now but if you want to know more ill write about when I visited their house this summer. Another "hell" hah but yeah.
Hang in there, you have lots of stuff coming at you at your age but it sounds like you already have a good sense of yourself, stick with it. I only wish I'd had access to the information available to you with the net and you found AN which is a very helpful, supportive and educational place.

Personally I'm 50 and still getting cr@p from family but your already way ahead of me in knowledge because I've never even read the bible (tried a long time ago just couldn't do it, maybe later....)


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