I love Spiders!   They keep me sober and sane!   They give my life meaning! Everbody knows me as Spida-man!




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I don't like spiders. They are creepy crawly and they have too many eyes. I do have ideas on Spiderman though. Imagine a man who could turn into a real spider. Not many super powers here, but he could crawl through some smaller spaces. If he was poisonous he could even bite the bad guy.

Parker was bitten by a radio active spider. That's old timey. Let's update that into a man bitten by a TV active spider, or an Internet active spider.

Just sayin.'

Welcome Spider-Matt.  I don't like real spiders though!

I removed some of those youtube vids actually because I wouldn't want somebody to see me do that and try it.  Sorry! Not good judgement.  LOL


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