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For some reason, all my posts seem to be Ethics and Morals issues. Sorry about that.

So my brother attended a colloqium lecture on species-ism, which is basically what it sounds like. The speaker was saying that it's wrong to discriminate animals. And he was, as you could guess, a devout vegan.

I know Athiest Nexus has a lot of strong vegetarians/vegans and a lot of carnivores as well. The reasons for both have been debated often. Species-ism, however, is a completely different genre.

In particular, I wonder how making the decision to be vegan isn't completely species-ist in and of itself. The moral reasoning of many vegetarians and vegans is that we can make a conscious decision not to eat our fellow creatures and live just fine. But humans are animals, and I've heard this argument from meat eaters, but the general defense is that we're smarter, we have more logical and ethical capabilities and therefore we have more responsiblity and more choice. I think that's true, but I think it's also species-ism! If we're saying that we're above eating animals, we're still putting ourselves above the animals, are we not? Again, this isn't really a vegetarian/meaty discussion, I respect both decisions.  But is species-ism something you could get behind? Does it even make sense?

There are the other obvious arguments, such as the fact that you kill animals every day, and the majority of us are species-ist in how we don't care if we step on a bug but we certainly do if we step on a cat. We don't flinch when we kill living bacteria with our hand sanitizer, but when you shoot Bambi's mum we've got a problem. Maybe the whole purpose is to get beyond that, or maybe it's about just doing what you can. I don't know. But I don't really understand it.

Thoughts? Arguments? Rude remarks? Compliments on my adequate grammar?  Does speciesism contradict vegetarianism? Is it a viable idea?

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i never said veganism wasn't coherent.
i was referring to your argument and logic.
You come off as an extremist.
Yes, your "nonviolence against animals" is just as bad if it gives you an excuse to assert an opinion as fact.

As for speciesism, marriam-webster defines it as "prejudice or discrimination based on species". I believe i understand the word fine, do you?

Also, if you want to back out of a discussion there's that link right under the comment window that says to stop following.
OK, finally time to say something here.
Why I chose to become vegetarian (or at least part of the reason): sometimes I would eat a meat-free meal, other times not. Then I started thinking that every time I eat, I have a choice to eat something that something had to die for, or not. So I chose to go for those meals that did not involve some creature being killed.
At the time, living in the UK, it turned out to be relatively easy, and nobody really treats you like a freak. When you travel abroad, that can happen, and I've found the US to be less tolerant of non-killing meals than the UK.
I am not vegan, and see this as a sign of weakness in myself, that I don't yet have the conviction to do away with all ill-treatment of animals for the purpose of my chocolate craving, or whatever.
In a more perfect world, I would hope enough people would produce tasty, cruelty-free produce, that everyone would turn around and say "hey, why are you killing that pig?"
I'm no real activist though, at the moment. But I definitely feel happier in making a menu choice that isn't a death sentence for some poor creature.
I'm not against vegetarianism in any way.
I don't choose to be personally, but i have thought about it for health benefits.
I haven't heard of much intolerance for vegetarians in the U.S. One of my friends growing up was a vegetarian and i don't recall him ever being frowned upon for it.

I believe people should have the choice in what they eat, as we are omnivores and are capable of eating both. As for not killing animals, animals kill other animals all the time, be it in a fight or for nourishment, its really not preventable.
I admit the way we do it is different from other animals, but that's a different topic.

There are certainly logical arguments someone could provide as to why someone should switch to vegetarianism, but I have only seen a few people provide them and they weren't vegetarians entirely themselves o.o


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