Someone knows EVERYTHING about you! And it's not God!

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Information is power.

With so much intimate and detailed information about all of us, available to government and companies who have no motive except profit..... Big Brother is here.

I don't know what, if anything, can be done to limit information hoarding by these companies. I am not doing anything I think is wrong, or even mildly unusual or in any way threatening - but I still don't think what I view or read or research, is anyone's business.

Imagine, if the next govt administration is Santorum, Bachmann, or similar. Creepy.

It may or may not decrease the flow of information, but I installed ad blocker, I'm using firefox instead of chrome, safari, and explorer, and I use duckduckgo instead of google and bing. I'm not on facebook. I quit ebay and all other social media, other than Nexus - can't live in a silo. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe it doesn't.


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I agree Jim!

I'd be amazed if "Somebody Up There" -- in the corporate universe -- wasn't monitoring this site, listing those who post, and categorizing us by various characteristics.  Of course, many of their suppositions are wrong; if I buy something for a friend, relative, guest, it goes on my list of favorites.  If I check something out of curiosity I'm probably listed as a fan.  I heard years ago about a guy whose girl friend loved to come to his place and watch old musicals via Netflix with him on his TV.  In no time he was seeing ads for items which appeal to a gay man!


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