So now I'm accused of verbally attacking by just saying what I believe.

I'm sooo confused on what to do. My mother in-law was visiting and discussing her beliefs and was shocked that I am an atheist. I tried explaining my views and thought we were having a nice conversation. She has now accused me of verbally attacking her and most of my family has taken her side and made me an outcast. what I find strange is all I did was say what I believed. We both really got along before this and she thought a lot of me. now I am a lost soul who has no morals and should not have a family along with killing myself because I have no purpose. This is all sooo insane and I'm at a loss how to deal with this. she wont even talk to me until I accept jesus for christs sake. GOD I HATE RELIGION

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I don't see anything either Michael.

I may sound cold hearted, but in order to become healthy I had to get away from my family. Beliefs and values passed from one generation to the next, and any deviation from the "norm" represents some kind of betrayal to them. My life is so much richer and more meaningful since I put up a barrier between us, and a whole lot more fun! I enjoy a good debate with people who support their side and use good debate techniques. Not so with dogmatists who use accusations, threats and dictatorial language. 

Let them go; your ability to think, explore, doubt and question are more valuable than maintaining family ties with those who choose to put their hopes in an unseeable, untouchable, unreachable myth and bind themselves with fears of some gruesome life after death. It is nonsense and can be treated as such.  

Defying Religion

I've come to a point where i don't want to try to get along with anyone who personally attacks me. I cut them off (no contact), and put the ball in their court. I just don't have the mental energy these days. If i have to be near them, I will not discuss it. 

I don't blame you Damian!  I think that's a good way to handle it.~ Mindy

Maybe she knows something you don't know.

What if there really was an after life and your grandmother cares about you and your family?  Maybe she knows there is an afterlife?  

Maybe she is just scared and wants people to help you because she cannot.   Does your grandmother love you or not?  That is the first question you should ask yourself.  

Dear John Johnson,  You are not allowed on this site.  You are not an Atheist.  There is no afterlife, that is pretend.  Go away and never come back.  Sincerely, Everybody Here

He's gone. Thanks to Richard for taking action before he spewed more proselytization.

(For current members, even a default "A" avatar is a link to their profile. John Johnson's avatar doesn't link anywhere... now I know how to tell whether an account still exists.)

One more dick who doesn't know shit from Shinola.  Just as well he's gone.

Thanks for the info Loren!  I didn't know how to report a troll! :)  ~ Mindy

At the very bottom of every page, "Report an Issue".

I have never noticed that Grinning Cat! I guess I'm not very observant! lol

No one "knows" there is an afterlife.  Many people hope really really hard that there is, but they can't possibly "know."


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