i've been watching the original series all weekend on PBS.  tonight the epic return featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on Fox and NatGeo!  yes, SCIENCE bitches!!  set your DVR's!!

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Ooooo, good point, since Cosmos is up against the season finale of True Detective.  Will take care of that RIGHT NOW!

same here Loren.  i'll be watching True Detective at a friends house, Cosmos will have to wait an hour :)

Already have the series set to record!

I can't find it!!!!! Nor the True Detective........

We have 2 pbs stations here, 1 from Spokane, the other from Detroit, & can't find either program on today's schedule nor online. Have I got the wrong titles?.....wrong evening? 

The NEW Cosmos is NOT on PBS.  It's on Fox, National Geographic, and FXX, that I know of.  True Detective is on HBO at 9 PM EDT, same as Cosmos.

thanks for pointing that out Loren.  i'll update the post for accuracy.  

Matthew, if you get a chance to watch Colberts interview with Tyson l believe you'll like it.
It aired 3-10-14 but it's running repeats until Monday at least.

I saw it.  I dvr Colbert, he's must see tv, IMO.

We always try and watch Colbert and also Jon Stewart, but we watch it the next day after the news.  They are awesome.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou Loren.

We don't subscribe to HBO, but will look through FOX's, NATGEO's schedules.


AHA!!!!!!!!........9 pm FOX, as well as several of our Canadian local channels at the same time slot.

I just checked, too.  It looks like just about every Fox channel (FX, and FX Sports, too) is carrying it as well.  Clearly, they want ATTENTION.

I hope a considerate Atheist records the program and uploads it to Atheist Nexus for the benefit of members who do not reside within the United States of America.


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