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really funny skit.  meanwhile there's real substance for us in one of the answers she gives.  

"i do not think i can trust a Godless man."

this sentiment is still far too mainstream.  anyway, enjoy.  or be offended.  up to you.

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I was stream-of-consciencing after watching the video and came across the rest of the skit.  Unfortunately I can't link to it.  In the beginning he askes a question about "Do you wish you voted for Romney instead?"  Really funny.   There was also a segment about how much white people like watching "The Wire" - I don't even know what that is.  I guess I'm not a white person.  :-)

you don't know The Wire???!!!  lol

Must be new.  I just discovered "Twin Peaks" and I''m loving it.

lol, not new.  its final season was about 7 years ago.  

I gotta do something other than work and sleep.

Oh, SB! That is so rich! It took me a minute to stop laughing at your comment.

yeah it was funny

In a still-racist America, Obama's being black isn't enough?

In 2008, after Bush, McCain was his Party's sacrificial lamb. His Palin choice was a screw up.

In 2012, Romney was the best of a sorry lot. His 47% remark was a beginner's blunder.

The Repubs have since 1960 expelled moderates; they worked hard to get rid of capable people. In 2016 they will elect a president only if the Dems screw up badly enough to lose independent voters, which Dems know how to do.


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