Socially redeeming hatred.

Forget about your emotions for a minute, consider this crap for a second. Atheists are not the most freely villified, hated and discriminated against minority. Smokers are.

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Can't help noticing that he also speaks of children and indigenous communities in the same breath. Will his next proposal be that overweight people must only be treated by thin doctors?
That's not so in my hometown. I grew up in the deep south of kentucky where smoking was done everywhere but church. Non smokers were and are a rarity down here.
I don't see what the issue is as long as smokers aren't smoking around non-smokers or people who don't want to inhale the second hand smoke.
Kinda like anything -

I don't see what the issue is as long as prayers aren't praying around non-prayers or people who don't want to hear the second hand dogma.
Don't want that secondhand dogma. It kills, I hear.
All smokers are going to hell. I know this because I'm a recently born-again nonsmoker. Doesn't born-again mean I can look down upon everyone that is like the way I was five weeks ago?
Well, at least I can use the flames to light up!
The Irreverent Mr Black:Interesting. I hadn't read that, but just finished this article over at JAAL:

Santa having a Lucky Strike! LMAO


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