It has been a few weeks since a flurry of posts both here and on external blogs about the fact that there is some kind of impenetrable atheist white boys' club; why non-white boys are pissed off; how desperately things have got to change; but unfortunately, very little else. [1][2][3][4][5]

A lot of further waffle was made via comments, but (apart from a suggestion to throw money at apparently under-educated and superstitious women, because everyone knows that white guys just swim in it) not a single realistic idea was made to address the basic problem - what exactly are we supposed to do if there are no non-white males willing to step up and be heard ? It was all an anti-climactic fizzle, with many of us, being non-psychic, still scratching our heads at precisely what it was that we were expected to do. All of the encouragement, "acceptance", diversity policy, blah blah blah in the world isn't going to create something out of nothing. If no one wants to come in and bat nothing is going to change.

To which I propose a novel solution.

Let us, as the godless, be fully supportive of this noble cause and get right behind it proactively. Let's start a charity drive - let's get the cash together, up front, and pay for Christopher Hitchens to get a sex change. It will be like the snowflake that starts the avalanche. With Christopher Hitchens in a nice power suit (I'm thinking a classic Coco Chanel black-n-pink number), triple D boobies (because you know he wouldn't settle for less) and a microphone at any secular conference, things will change. Let's get Christine fully in touch with her known femininity, to boldly lead us into the new, all-inclusive atheist dawn.

Please take a moment to sign the online petition -

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oh goodness
I'd rather have the sex-change operation financed with taxes on public appearances, speeches, columns, etc from white heterosexual males. Hits two pigeons with the same stone.
OK then, instead of an operation and a power suit, why not just buy Hitchens a drag queen suit?
The discount route ? I suppose that would qualify him somewhere within the GLBT rainbow.
So now we have the answer to WWFD. Brilliant!
... Get a sex change?
I don't think that would work on a t-shirt.

Anyways, hilarious. He placed what we we're all thinking into context... yeah, there's alot of white men here... exactly what are WE supposed to do about it?

I was worried they'd start some kind of campaign to get white men to leave.
My Straight White Male group request, submitted over a week ago, has yet to be approved.
That Psych professor obviously has never worked with any Sri Lankans. They have 40 shades of brown and they all hate each other.
Nate said: My Straight White Male group request, submitted over a week ago, has yet to be approved.

Great idea - corral them then we can start to cull them. ;-)
Ohhhh Kristy, you're on their hit list now!
I don't think it will work. People still aren't convinced about Ann Coulter. Sometime's it's not meant to be.
Might be easier to de-convert Ann Coulter to the atheist cause than to convince Chris to get the snip.


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