Im wondering if any female atheists have encountered the perception by non secular people that they are promiscuous or have loose virtues since their usual belief is that atheism is an immoral position?

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If I were to play armchair psychologist, I'd say he was projecting all his repressed sexual desires onto others.  Fundies think in terms of their own desires and unspoken fantasies.  Like, "If I didn't fear god, *I'd* certainly want a piece of that!"  And it becomes such a foreign idea to them that there could be people who don't need religion to reign in those impulses; that there could be people who have the ability to talk frankly about sex, "deviant" sex acts and the like, without disgust, without judgment, and still not want to engage in those acts themselves.  It's a very egocentric worldview, like that of a child who thinks one's personal experience must be true for all others.

Generally speaking, it's not the atheist women who spend all their time getting dolled up in order to hook up with some drunk at a kegger.  It tends to be the conformists with little self-respect who do that.  The atheists that I've spoken with are too independent of thought to want to debase themselves for male approval or be valued for their bodies more than their minds.

Heh.  I lol'd when I heard the preacher was beaten up by a Muslim student.

I think your armchair analysis is correct, but I would venture to say that the religulous are not the only ones who think in the context of their own desires. I think that it is a point of reference on everyone's spectrum of sexual values.

Enjoying your insight. :)

I don't pay much attention to what theists think of the nonsecular in regards to promiscuity since

1. I don't respect theism. Theistic "morality" is twisted in my opinion.

2. I advocate sexual freedom with responsibility, and am bisexual and polyamorous.They can shove their wrong-headed judgments up you know where. LOL, I was a swinger for a few decades.

3. As feminist I loathe the whole reducing women's worth to their sexual function thing, as if we were not full human beings.

I have numerous times. The majority of people in this tiny town are either Baptist, Catholic, or some other branch of Christianity. So if an Atheist is mentioned, the first thing that always comes out of someones mouth goes something like "I bet they sleep with lots of people." or "I'm surprised they're not pregnant yet. They need God in their life." I couldn't tell you how many times I've had the names 'whore' and 'slut' thrown at me because I don't believe in their fairy tales.
And it's kind of hypocritical, considering the majority of sexually active girls and women here all have a strong belief in Jesus.
That's horrible. I'm sorry that you were/are subjected to such nonsense. Hopefully we can evolve past that way of thinking so that no one else is subjected to it as well. In the meantime, I hope you stay strong and can rest easy knowing you are a better person with higher morals than them and their god.
Thank you. I'm not a cryer and I have the whole "I don't give a damn" attitude, because I really don't give a damn, so these people just waste their breath trying to convince me to convert to fairy tale beliefs.
Also, the reply "It takes one to know one" usually shuts people up.
Sounds like you've got it down. I promise it gets better in many ways as you get older. You are appropriately skeptical and have accumulated some wisdom in your youth. I wish I could have said the same for myself at your age. Lol
Lol. Thank you. I figured it out around 6th or 7th grade that it's not true.


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