Secular News: "Religious Countries Are the Most Corrupt"


"Using standard assessments of national corruption, Hamid Yeganeh & Daniel Sauers of Winona State University, USA, have found that countries with the most religious people also have the highest levels of corruption"

Brief article.  The concluding quote,

"Considering the variety of corruption measures, the reliability of data, and the large number of included countries, we have to conclude that religiosity not only does not impede corruption but tends to promote it… Based on the above-mentioned arguments, we may conclude that while religiosity provides guidance on morality, some of its characteristics practically promote corrupt business behavior"

I think we all knew this.  We see so much hypocrisy in religious and religious-political "leaders".  In the US, states where religion rules are also states with more violence, poverty, and other social problems.  Religion, like STDs, is the gift that keeps on giving, and not in a good way.

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Maybe I will call someday Joan!

A Jesus fish! Yep, they use that sign alright, but I think the fish sign goes back in time before Jesus. What would it likely mean? Here is our secret sign, so if you see this and recognize it, you must be one of us. Display the fish sign and let the world know you are a Jesus person. In a Superman movie the viewer always knows who Clark Kent is. Clark is really Superman, so the movie viewer is therefore smarter than everybody else. This is exactly why the christian thinks their Buybull is evidence, and what you say or present is bullshit! Therefore the christian is smarter than anybody else. It doesn't matter that every facit of empirical science disagrees with them. They think this is a group of a few non-believers who came up with a "theory" to prove them wrong.

Just today in Walmart I see a special issue of TIME magazine with a picture and the word "JESUS" on it. At the bottom of the cover it reads "who do men say that I am?" There is no need to open this up because we all know what it will say and where it is going. A  picture on the cover and we identify that picture with Jesus, but this is utterly impossible. If he existed at all we have no idea what he looked like. Some say we have as much evidence for Jesus as we do for Julius Caesar who was born about 100 BC. Wrong! We have much more evidence of Caesar. We have busts of him done somewhere around his lifetime. We have other historical records of him during this time. We have no such evidence of Jesus. None! Zilch! Zero!

At this moment in steps the believing christian to tell us "but the bible says . . . . ."

The average Christian sees that stupid fish symbol and immediately identifies it with that ridiculous story where Jesus supposedly feeds 5,000 people with five small loaves of bread and two fish. Of course the story was not recorded until several decades after his supposed existence, so any minor details would have been forever lost long prior to such recording. So here's the thing - imagine thousands of families deciding to follow Jesus on a whim, for a trek of unknown destination or length. Is it remotely realistic that none of them would have grabbed some food for the journey? Some may not have, but most would have. And Jesus, being the charismatic, socialistic leader we are led to believe he is, would have have at some point recognized that those who did not come prepared would go hungry, so naturally he would have collected all the food that was among the crowd, to collectively redistribute so that nobody went hungry. But no, Occam's Razor is flushed down the toilet so that Christians can be fed some miracle bullshit story that would require every follower to be nothing more than an unprepared idiot to begin with.

You hit on an important point, Future. The real message is to be dependent, on god, on others to provide, on mystical powers that do not exist.

Furthermore, those who do not forego everything to follow a never-present, never-nescient, never-loving construct of the human mind, either yield to blackmail and feed those starving and homeless people, or they turn their backs and say "To hell with you!" 

Do you see any other choices for an honest, hard working, dependable, reliable, caring, compassionate person who does not believe their delusions? 

Charity isn't in their dna even though their god calls for it.

You are right about no evidence for a real jesus.  That makes him so malleable.  He can be whatever someone wants him to be.  He's the sock-puppet of the christian.  And the god is the sock puppet of the religious jew, and the muslim.

I saw a line recently, "If the bible is proof of god, then The Lord of the RIngs is proof of hobbits."  Makes sense to me.  I don't know who first said that.

Daniel, I love your term, "sock puppet", those who live in idiotic bliss as Hitch stated. 

So does my dog's ass Sentient. Just like the photo that was on the Internet.
Has a picture of Jesus that is.
Awesome Ted! But I haven't heard that song since childhood, and now it's stuck in my head! Lol

I dont remember the name of the movie - something Jack?  I remember something about a sheriff who locals hated for weeding out the corruption, or was it something about a busload of developmentally delayed children and some buffaloes.

My mind is gone!  It was nice knowing it!

Holy Jesus!  Google knows everything!  And so does wikipedia!   Also, it was Indian chidren, not developmentally delayed.  Sorry my brain doesn't get things right.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

That was Billy Jack. He's dead now. (Tom Laughlin.)


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