Secular News: "Religious Countries Are the Most Corrupt"


"Using standard assessments of national corruption, Hamid Yeganeh & Daniel Sauers of Winona State University, USA, have found that countries with the most religious people also have the highest levels of corruption"

Brief article.  The concluding quote,

"Considering the variety of corruption measures, the reliability of data, and the large number of included countries, we have to conclude that religiosity not only does not impede corruption but tends to promote it… Based on the above-mentioned arguments, we may conclude that while religiosity provides guidance on morality, some of its characteristics practically promote corrupt business behavior"

I think we all knew this.  We see so much hypocrisy in religious and religious-political "leaders".  In the US, states where religion rules are also states with more violence, poverty, and other social problems.  Religion, like STDs, is the gift that keeps on giving, and not in a good way.

(bolding is mine)

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Thanks Kent!!!  You're the only one who laughed!  lol

I laughed also Mindy, but just now because I only now discovered this subject.  : )

Thanks Spud! :)

Is she taking the fish out of the water to massage them?  They might not survive the process.

I don't know!  I should ask her! lol.  You'd think they would teach a non-lethal technique at fish-massage school. ;)

Oh Mindy, I am so sorry, I just have no sense of humor. Please keep them coming. I will catch on one of these days. 

ha ha Joan, don't worry about it!  Maybe I'm not that funny! lol.  I can't imagine you having no sense of humor though!  I picture you as always laughing and smiling! 

A fish massage parlor?! What's the sign on the door say? "Me cook you long time!"

That's funny Pat

hahaha...... That is a good one! 


What would be the worst that would happen if you did call her and say that exactly as you stated it to us? Would she be angry? So what!? Would she be hurt? Does it matter?! Would she rethink her jesus-fish sign? Probably not and it is a good thing because her clients have a right to know how she thinks.

How would you feel if you were honest with her? Do you feel you have a right to express your opinion to a person operating a business for the public. Do you think you will cause her harm by telling her how you feel about the sign? 

In my opinion, and no one asked, If it were me, I would call and thank her for indicating how she thought before I invested any money in her treatments, and I know to not call her for services.  

Joan, I like your thought on what to say if you called her.


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