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S.E. Cupp is not an atheist, shes something worse...A CHRISTIAN APOLOGIST!

I watched Bill Maher's REAL TIME last night 5/14 @10pm show last night....and somehow the conversation for close to the first 25 mins or so was actually about atheism and the delusional thinking that is CHRISTINSANITY. Bill Maher, being outgunned....I'd like to say held the fort down but honestly, he should have told the mayor of Newark to stop talking for 5 mins and set the record straight. But since the mayor is a christian, I can't fault him. However, this cunt-bag of a journalist had nerve to suggest that the "liberal media is attacking christianity". Now she's a conservative which in of itself is harmless, however she's a conservative that he gotten TV time, which makes her all the more dangerous in the public sphere of debate. I haven't seen an atheist kiss so much christian ass to sell a book in my life.


You think she would have come to Maher's aid last night, but she did not. She kept saying she did not understand this so called "militant atheism", but she never explained what that meant. And I haven't really seen to many atheists organizing and let's go burn down churches, and ban bibles etc IN PRIVATE LIVES. Just in government, which place it should not be.


But the comments she has made in the past with regard to Obama she has said "Obama delivered another slight to religious America when he became the first president in the history of the United States to mention atheists".


WTF is this??? She's not an atheist, she's emabarassed to be one. What she suggests is the same thing I've been in many documentaries about black struggles for civil rights...which is...KNOW YOUR PLACE. And that's pretty much what she is getting too, in her works. Yeah she does mention that she admires CHRISTIANS conviction, but my biggest problem is that she does not have the strength of her own convictions..and those of us who are fed up with that stay silent bullshit, she's pretty much saying that we should just STFU do not try to change anything and remain obscure and quiet in the background. Meanwhile that it is ok to go ahead and let CHRISTIANS run ramped say whatever mindless garbage that comes out of their mouths and have no counterbalance no matter how wacky or batshit their ideads are.


Atheists or so called atheists like her, are exactly the kind of people that bring us down and hold us back not only in this country but in other parts of the world either.

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I think Cupp might be an atheist. Yes, she panders heavily to the Christian side of things, but really the only requirement to be an atheist is if you answer the question "Is there a god" with anything but "yes." No atheist should ever be closed to being converted. Saying "I'm open to be converted" is not saying "I think Christianity is correct but they hadn't made an airtight case for me yet." It just means that you are open to new evidence and willing to change if that evidence is convincing.

One thing is clear though: Cupp HATES being an atheist. She is ASHAMED of what she is and calls everyone who doesn't share her feelings "militant." HOW DARE we who don't follow a religion demand that we be treated fairly? HOW DARE WE demand that the constitutional principle of separation of church and state be upheld?

It could be that this is a simple case of Cupp making a mistake on her definition. All in all, her shtick is just FAR too convenient for the militant right-wing (who actually are militant, by the way, unlike atheists) talking head industry. Her rhetoric has all the hints of being manufactured for a specific purpose. It reminds me of the iconic American soldier captured by terrorists, reading an anti-american screed on Al-Jazeera with an AK-47 pointed to his head. For all we know, he might actually mean every single word he's saying, but all of the indications point otherwise.

Bottom-line: don't be surprised if we see Cupp officially convert to Christianity in the next few years.
I totally agree, and we all know that claiming to be an Atheist in the eye of the public is definitely not going to win over votes in this country.
This is my first time hearing of this S.E. Cupp. I always thought Ron Reagon Jr. was the dumbest well known atheist. She makes him look like Steven Weinberg.
Okay I have never heard of S.E Cupp and I have never actually watched the Bill Mayer show ( I don't watch Tv). But after watching the video on YouTube, I have to applaud the guy. As I wrote on YouTube, S.E Cupp is 100% not an Atheist and doesn't deserve the title. I feel that she didn't want the public to acknowledge her as an Atheist because she's trying to win over public appeal (80% Christian) for her future plans. She mentioned Atheist attacks towards Christians. Huum! Its amazing to me that Christians feel that they're being attacked by Atheist. Have you ever seen a herd of Atheist standing outside of a church with signs yelling out ridiculous nonsense. NO! Atheist have to deal with religious dogma, and the public idolization of their deity's everyday and all day, it's everywhere. It just seems almost invisible to theist because its the norm. Atheist don't attack theist at all, we question there beliefs, and watch as they crumble under pressure which makes them feel as if they were attacked. Now some Christians are saying Obama may be an Atheist. This is based off of his speech on Darwin, and the promoting of science. Which, only a retarded theist could have taken as a threat to their religion (Non empirical). That is absolutely insane! People fail to realize that a functioning Democracy REQUIRES scientifically literate citizens. It's not there fault that your faith conflicts with reality. S.E Cupp said Religion was good for society and she see's the good in it. She was confusing religion with the communal appeal of the religion as an institution . And she knows it, she was trying to not scare away her future followers. She must be friends w/ Sarah Palin. What a Douche-Bag.
I honestly kinda wished that I didn't watch that video. lol I was having a great night and then PoW! An idiot masquerading her self around as an Atheist, who totally shifts her position in the eye of the public for appeal. Disgrace Disgrace.
This sort of reminded me of another topic. I don't mean to steer off topic too much, but .....'ex-atheists'. lol.

Most of the atheists who were 'ex-Christians' struggled through a lot of analysis of their belief structure and the logical flaws inherent in it. The relatively few 'atheists' who have supposedly 'converted' (lol) to Christianity however....

Is it just me or do the people claiming this sound like they were pretty damned pathetic or more accurately, apathetic atheists to begin with? The few I've seen in arguments or debates actually used such logical fallacies to support their beliefs that most of us atheists who have thought about it would never use, as we have heard it and heard it refuted a billion times over. They were 'apatheists' more than atheists. Religion was simply not a priority thing to focus on prior to their 'finding God'. lol
I suspect that covers a lot of "former atheists", Brad, but I also think there are a lot of would-be theists who suffer from a crisis of faith, and mistake that crippling doubt for "atheism". Then they find some excuse to regain their faith (like C. S. Lewis) and proudly proclaim that they are "ex-atheists". Of course, the fact that they obviously don't know what an atheist is means they weren't atheists.
If cupp wants to be another Malkin go for it. But to lie that she is one of us who does not believe in a god and then attack all that we believe in is nothing but a lie. I just watched her on MSNBC where she said Michell Bachmann was smart and a great leader. WTF? You can not say that with a strait face. But this bitch did. Cupp is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing. I will not in future listen or watch anything with her name attached.
dang, sounds vendettaish

Watching a clip of her right now, and it's painfully obvious that she is full of it. I think Penn Jillette even called her out one time on air.


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