What is your stand on same-sex marriage? Kindly give a reason for your stand too. Thank you. ;)


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Stand? I accept same sex marriage, however I do take a stand against opposition to same sex marriage/human rights.

Reason? I have never been concerned about what other people do with their genitals, I have always been much more concerned with what my genitals are doing.

Sentient expressed my reasons well.  Here is another one of my reasons for being in favor of same sex marriage:


Wish there was a "like" button

Yea, me too

In Australia we have had this same debate, and I finally think we may even get the laws passed within the next few years.

Sadly the debate from the conservative sides are no more enlightend.

One  prominent ex-sportwoman, now conservative christian minister left me scratching my head however. I'll paraphrase here as i cant be bothered looking for the exact quote " I mean no disrespect to gays and lesbians, but introducing same sex marriage WILL lead to a breakdown in morals".

WTF??? how can that statement be anything but disrespectful.

I do get very irritated by this whole argument. Really i just don't see how a gay or lesbian couple wanting to marry affects any else's marriage. If it does I think your marriage has bigger problems than that.


True. It doesn't affect anyone else's marriage. When over 50% of all marriages end in divorce, the problem is much deeper than gay or lesbians wanting the same thing the rest of us have, which is equality. If NOM wants to defend marriage, this is the real problem, the real breakdown of "morals".

Hmmm, let's see. The highest rates of divorce in the US are southern evangelicals. The lowest divorce rates are among non-evangelicals in the northeast. The tambourine bangers yell that gay marriage will ruin divorce. Seems to me that those that scream the loudest are doing a great job of ruining it all by themselves, without any outside help.

The state with the largest number of people that claim to be born again Christians and also with the highest divorce rate is Oklahoma.  If the defense of marriage is so fucking important I would think the right wing theists would be marching and protesting against divorce. 

I notice a total absence of any such protests.

Yes, but you just don't get it!  It's the fact that gay people in Massachusetts can marry, that is the cause of the high divorce rate in Oklahoma.  It's a butterfly effect- you know, the connectedness of all things, that a butterfly flapping it's wings in Costa Rica could cause hurricane Katrina.  Same thing.  Just the mere existence of gay people is the cause of the great depression, tuberculosis, and the dust bowl.

Lol Sentient.  Now THAT's some kinda science. ;)

I think it's simple, those who are not comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage don't have to be part of one; other than that they should shut-the-fuck-up.


Hear hear, Richard. And here's my "like" button.


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