Now, this is scary. What if this deluded individual becomes president? With tea party movement and anti-intellectual bible thumping industry shills like this guy getting favor, it seems the US is in the perfect position to become a straight-up fascist state. Most of the indicators are there already. I'm kinda getting freaked out. What do y'all think?

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The Ames straw poll is a fund raiser.  It costs $30 to vote, so candidates buy votes and pass them out to voters who visit their tents for food and entertainment.  Bachmann bought and handed out 6,000 votes.  Perry wasn't there.


Obama and all the Democratic candidates need to take a stand and campaign against the GOP agenda, not individual candidates.  Regardless of what GOP candidates say, their intention is to destroy the middle class along with the labor unions and progressive Democratic programs that built the middle class.  They accomplish that through red herrings and fear.  Don't worry about the economy; we've got to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Never mind that the rich and corporations reap the benefits of tax cuts and loopholes; we need to stand firm against gay marriage.  Screw constitutional rights; al Quaeda is still out there.  Etc., etc., etc.


Thought I would add something.  Perry may be a flash in the pan.  But if he fades, who takes the lead?  Not a lot of sanity on the right; not much education, either.

You might be right Pat...people who are bumbleheaded enough to like Bachman and Perry might also be fickle, since they base all their politics on which slogan is the catchiest sounding.

Perry is awful awful awful. The repub candidates as a whole are just astonishing. There isn't a normal person in the bunch.   No newt is good newt.




<No newt is good newt.


lol AnneT!  Love it.  The Republicans candidates are a seriously scary bunch.  I just might look up your How to Move to Canada book! :)

Newt Gingrich just cannot think he can win at this point..can he?  Seriously.  Isn't he still #5 in the lineup?  He needs to waddle away back to where he came from... he's not the House Speaker anymore but he just can't 're-design' himself can he...he comes across like a pompous ass.

AnneT - I like the "no newt is good newt"!

Funny "How to move to Canada" book -- maybe we will all have to get that book now.

A lot of people said they would move to Canada if Bush won a second time. The actual percentage who did was around .02 percent I believe.
I wouldn't actually move to Canada, but I think a lot of people joke about it when there is a candidate they can't stand running! lol
Not moving to Canada.  Don't get me wrong.  I happen to really like Canadians.  Every time I've encountered them on my travels (including in Canada), they are gracious, friendly, warm, and hospitable.  Hard pressed to think of a more sociable and pleasant people.  But, I was born a US citizen, and I'll die one.  And if the right wing thinks they'll make me cower, or cringe, they have an extremely unpleasant, and possibly life changing experience, in store for them.  An old hippie, with a will to survive, who owns plenty of guns.  I will not go quietly into the night, like so many Germans did in 1933.
We wouldn't really move to Canada either, but it's always a (joking) threat I use when talking about if Palin, Perry, etc. were to become President.  My son plays on XBox Live and its funny, but most of his good friends that he's never even met in real life happen to be Canadians.  They are always texting each other and have been friends for several years.  They love to tease each other about each others respective countries, but it's always in fun. :)
@Pat, I like it!
@Pat:  So do we have to have guns?  Can't we just outwit the nitwits?  Show them how 'un-American' they are for taking the rigid positions they have?  Isn't it time for reasonable people to define what Americans are?  The peacekeeping secular humanist has a place at the table, too.  No guns needed at the table except in the 'worse case scenario'...which I doubt is going to happen.  At least keep your gun in the holster for awhile longer, okay??


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