Resolved: Atheists Are More Cat People Than Dog People

Having co-habited with many cats over the years, I've found them to be free-thinking and inquisitive, like atheists. Dogs seem to be more accepting, more willing to go along. I think this accounts for the fact that atheists tend to favor cats over dogs. (I'm not saying atheists hate dogs--just that we're better attuned to cats.) Comments?

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Hysterical and true methinks

I don't favor cats.  I hate cats with a passion.  I am a dog lover.  As far as I am concerned, a good cat is a dead cat.

I agree Dempsey!

I don't think I am harsh at all.  Cats are just there and non productive.

You don't think unjustified sentiments such as HATE and DEATH are harsh? really?

I hope you don't really mean that. I recently lose a beloved cat whom my wife rescued some 10 years ago. We bottle-fed him and he came with us, together with 3 other cats, to Canada. I also had dogs, and believe me when they (cats or dogs) die, it really hurts.

I'm sorry about your loss.  I have lost many pets over the years and I still stand by my statement regarding cats.  I don't like them.  For me, my dogs were easier to keep up.  I trained them to use one section of the yard and I did not mind cleaning up behind them.

I am always working for political campaigns and I canvas door to door and if I smell a litter box from the house next door, I will not go there.  As my grandmother used to say, I hate to smell a sour a$$ed cat.

If a litter box smells so, don't blame the poor cat, blame its idiot owners! It's generally humans and not pets who are the source of problems.

That is very interesting. I have always live with cats, and I have always been a skeptic of things concerning religion. Actually my family loves animals in general, but we did have dogs before, but found cats easier to maintain. I used to be involved with animal welfare and protection in the Philippines. As far as I know, my wife and I were the only atheists in the organization. 

I'm much more of a cat person than I am a dog person. I've currently got one of each.

My dog is not an atheist. He thinks I am God. (Poor delusional creature.)
My cat is not an atheist. He is God. He demands worship, and offerings of chicken and fish.

Thanks for the smile Beth.

Cats are disease-carrying vermin, just a step above the common rat. They are also cold and aloof, without emotion, and just plain weird. So, many atheists, because they are cold and intellectual, yet unable to connect on an intimate level with others. I am an atheist and a dog lover (and cat hater). Dogs are warm and loving, very attached to others. Too bad more atheist humans aren't like that.


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