Resolved: Atheists Are More Cat People Than Dog People

Having co-habited with many cats over the years, I've found them to be free-thinking and inquisitive, like atheists. Dogs seem to be more accepting, more willing to go along. I think this accounts for the fact that atheists tend to favor cats over dogs. (I'm not saying atheists hate dogs--just that we're better attuned to cats.) Comments?

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Points taken. I was trying to make clever observations about cats and dogs and their relations with people of different personalities, but I overreached and related the cat/dog preference to liberal/conservative and atheist/theist. The situation, as you pointed out, is much more complex than that. I'm still angry about the mess the Bush/Cheney administration and its theistic conservatism has made of the United States, so I tend to rant about theists and conservatives even though there are a great many theists and conservatives whose work and reasoning I respect. It helps that the main conservative party here in the US, the GOP, is now represented by a group of complete morons (Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Randall Terry, etc.) which hides the fact that US conservatism is a valid worldview and is a necessary antithesis to liberalism so that we can achieve balance in our government policies.

Okay, way off topic. I'll stop now.
You sounded like Hitler right there

I think your right!
Why not? Isn't that what god supposedly has done with us?
[shrug] I don't find it odd, nor disturbing. Is it any more odd than the fact that many animals will catch and kill other animals and eat their flesh?
I love being human. :D We didn't enslave dogs! The evolution of dogs was likely jump started by more of a symbiotic relationship, with particularly enterprising wolves becoming camp followers of humans.
"My birds are a fav."

Funny you should say that;birds are also the favourite of a lot of cats.
NIki, it's certainly fine to express a preference here, but Atheist Nexus is for all non-theists, not just cat lovers.

Also, you may not (or may) be aware that all caps is viewed by many who use online forums as similar to shouting. Some view it as being rude.
Rats are nice pets, too.
Over my life, I have shifted from a dog preference to a cat preference.

However, I don't see any connection to how being an atheist influences my preference of pet. My guess is that the mixed responses in this thread would reflect the range of opinion from the general population fairly well.
An atheist cat lover posted this on another non A/N Forum that I'm a member of.

I thought it would be nice to share (and got her permission)! I just love it :-)

Cats choose atheists because they know that an atheist, being a non-practitioner of religion, will not waste her/his worship on any being *other than* the cat.

Atheists chose cats because a cat *is the closest thing to a Superior Being we have ever found.

Brenda Nelson, A.A.#34
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EAC Professor of Feline Thermometrics and Cat-Herding
skyeyes nine at cox dot net
Allergic to both unless its a dog without fur so dogs have the advantage. If I weren't allergic I do think I would prefer a cat because they're more nonchalant about things. I just stick with fish though we have two tanks one 60 gallon fresh water and 100 gallon salt water.


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