Resolved: Atheists Are More Cat People Than Dog People

Having co-habited with many cats over the years, I've found them to be free-thinking and inquisitive, like atheists. Dogs seem to be more accepting, more willing to go along. I think this accounts for the fact that atheists tend to favor cats over dogs. (I'm not saying atheists hate dogs--just that we're better attuned to cats.) Comments?

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Dempsey's never heard Skyhooks, 'Ego Is Not a Dirty Word" hit, if it wasn't for narcissism, humanity wouldn't be here.  Maybe he should listen to the song closely, it is philosophically brilliant!  Aye M8z! 

Yes I'm completely aware of my many issues, not only have I studied psychology, one of my friends is a practicing clinical psychologist.

Though my concern for your health is genuine, because your reactions remind me of my very best mate who I am looking at losing soon through dementia,   he too was a boxer for many years and stopped fighting around 30 years ago, though he is Chinese and a martial arts expert.  They think the damage to his frontal lobes from all that time ago may be contributing to his condition.  I too may have similar damage since one of our favourite contests was breaking boards with our heads.  Though my biggest health risk is asbestos, since I've been exposed to it most of my life.  I'd rather go from dementia than Mesothelioma.

I've run out of time for posting, too much work, all the best M8!

I think this forum has gone way out of control. It has degenerated into a cat lovers versus dog lovers  argument, with statements the like of " the only good cat is a dead cat!". I thought atheist/humanist was suppose to be better people than those religious nuts. In the Philippines, we once confronted Catholic nuns who had cats and kittens thrown into the river, and priests who refuse pets from being brought inside churches for blessing during the feast of St. Francis, because they are "dirty".

There are those who prefer cats and others prefer dogs, but all of us should learn to love all animals and care for their welfare. I myself have cats and dogs. Hate is a very dispicable thing and should not have any role in our community of nontheists.

Get over yourself Oscar. Not every living being has come into this world past, present and future to be liked and loved like you want it.  I hate cats, so get over it.  I hate eggplant, are you going to turn me into some vegetable rights group?  I don't know where you developed the mentality that everyone should love everything living and dead, please drop the idealism.

You demanding post is coming across like some xtian that must dictate on how everyone is to act according to your rules and regulations.  Well, life does not work that way sweetie.  Domestic cats carry diseases and it is documented that these animals have created birth defects.  Love a cat if you want to, but remember this, as long as you are not paying my bills and if you were, don't you ever dictate to me on how to think and feel.  You have no right to bring your hidden catholicism into this forum and dictate on who should be where.

Your opinion is like a a$$hole, every one has one including you.  If you don't like what I say, live with it.  I've been on this planet a lot longer than you and I don't have to justify living on your terms.  If you think that everyone should waste their resources on insects and animals that kill without discrimination, you are deluding yourself that you live in a utopian society.  I am not wasting my precious resource on a wandering bedbug motel.

I have great respect for big cats and I have said that in the past, as for domestic cats, they have no value.

For someone to be a nontheist, you are really preaching that God mentality.  DID YOU KNOW THAT CATS ARE KNOWN TO BE GOD'S RIGHT HAND MUFF?


Move on.

Looks like I hit a nerve. All I am saying is that some people prefer cats and other dogs. There is no reason to turn this into a motivation for hatred toward a species of animal. I have cats all my life, and I have never contracted any sickness from them. My two kids grew up with cats and dogs, and neither of them have birth defects. Some people just had to spit out hatred and violence for something they do not like. It is shocking to see that there are also obnoxious, foul-mouthed persons in this supposedly civilized discussion. 

I hit lots of nerves Oscar, though I don't see my pugilist buddy Biff anywhere here, even his bullying posts have disappeared.   Hmmm, maybe there is a moderator on this Blog.  Funny how a chat on cats and dogs can raise reactions similar to the Islamic tirade over "Innocense Of Muslims".  ROFL! 

Aye M8!  

No, you did not hit a nerve.  I am sick and tired of people like you that claim to be a non-theist but yet preach xtianity in a back door way.  I also hate it when people like you decide who should be part of this site and who shouldn't because someone does not like a species of animal.


Foul mouth, puleeze, oh slow one.  The very bible you preach from, the very bible you try to live your life on is full of so-called profanity (i.e. bastard, piss, damn, etc.) and you have the nerve to discuss a supposedly civilized discussion?  Oscar, drop the bull crap and hypocrisy, you probably curse more than anyone on this site.  So let me give you a couple piece of advice.

  1. While you are pointing one finger at me, you are pointing three at yourself.
  2. God will cause us to believe lies so that he can damn us to hell. This is in your bible.
  3. What and where you live is not a civilized world.  The ancient Egyptians created civilization and so-called modern man turned civilization into a uncivilized world.

So, it is time for you to go and start reading some history books and do tell us the truth about what nation is civilized or not, that is if you can get past your own.

This lighthearted discussion got a little too serious of late. Here is something to get it back on track.

What happens when engineers own dogs

I thought the keeping stats part was extra funny.

Ha Ha Russell, just what many friends need for their dogs that never want to stop fetching balls.

It'd be useless for my dogs that never bring the balls back, I have to fetch them to retrieve the ball.

Interesting question.  I prefer dogs (and horses).  I don't dislike cats but I don't enjoy the birds etc they kill and leave on the back porch.  That being said, my dog of choice is Scottish Terriers and they are a very independent, self reliant breed that has their own opinion about things.  They are not the "I'll do whatever you say" type of dogs.  Maybe that is why I like them.

Of course I'm not criticising your preferences here... only the factoid about cats killing birds. Yes cats kill birds, but they kill way less birds than humanity does, so I do get ticked when anti-cat people point out the bird factoid. And you're not alone in this. I have many many friends who are cat haters and use the bird example constantly. I just wish people would put bird deaths into perspective. Cats generally make a killing when humans are attracting birds to feeders. Humans cause changes in bird populations, sometimes causing an increase (sparrows, field birds and small raptors), but overall a decrease. I'm the organiser of field trips for my local bird club, so I hear this a lot from people... here's to wishing I hear it less in the future.

I feel compelled to tell you that I am not a cat hater. I have owned cats that lived long happy lives with me in the past. I could not agree with you more about humanity being the problem with the decline in birds. I do not choose to have a cat now because I feel less sad in any given day not dealing with normal feline appropriate behaviors i.e. killing birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels and so on. I don't watch tv shows about lions eating zebras for the same reason. I am a vegetarian for the same reason. I do not hate lions for eating zebras. It is the nature of the world we live in. It was one of the reasons I became an atheist. I could not believe that a loving god would intentionally create such a place. I am glad there are people like yourself who are willing and able to speak the truth for whatever animal who has no voice of their own. I prefer dogs however if a cat ever comes to me in need it will be treated with love and respect. And I won't put up a bird feeder. ;)


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