Jesus Christ returns on May 21, 2011. You'll definately want to mark this date on your calendar because, you know, if you're raptured, you don't want to leave a kettle on the boil or the bathtub water running. It might cause problems for those who are Left Behind.
Anyway, the folks who are blowing the trumpet and warning the people (Ezekiel 33:3) of the impending Day of Judgement are the owners of Family Radio, Inc, a Christian radio network with a nationwide audience. It's founder, Harold Camping, has precisely calculated the date of the Rapture using clues in the Bible.
More here.

One of 40 billboards in 8 states warning of the impending Day of Judgement.

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yaa....we just walk in and take the over right?
I've got that date marked on my calendar, not because I think the Rapture will happen, but because I'm taking a trip to Pennsylvania. Camping and his stooges will have to wait for Jesus' second coming without me. What I find amazing about this business is that Camping got it wrong in 1994, yet his sycophants swallowed any excuses he made at the time and now wait with bated breath upon his next fiasco. What will his excuse be this time when nothing happens?

Good riddance. That's 100 million people who no longer knock on my door and place goofy fishes on their cars :)


And yes, I know this guys a loon. But the people who follow him will just need a incomprehensibly worded excuse from the preacher and they'll still believe in mumbo jumbo.


Good thing is, if that shit's real. And all those Christian fundamentalists raptured all their asses to their heavenly father or the almighty gnome of gnomes, there'll just be us atheists left. That is better than rapture itself. No more bullshit here on earth!

I was thinking that myself Hazel! :)  There will unfortunately be other religious loons left according to the fundies though, but at least some of the dumb will be gone.


This sux I jus got accepted into UNC Chapel Hill now I won't be able to attend in the Fall. Maybe I should ask for forgiveness, but then again I have denied God and Jesus so many times and blasphemised the "holy spirit" to the point that I don't think I can be forgiven. Oh well, I hope to see all of you in hell soon. Party in my room and bring lots of alcohol when you arrive in hell.

There's a billboard with the same message a few miles away from me. I'll see if I can't drive up tomorrow to take a picture of it. If I can, I'll post it.

I'd love to join them in being Raptured and all, but I'll be too busy. Such a shame. If they'd let me know earlier, I could have been available, but, you know, May is such a busy month for me. Do you think if I pray really hard, god will reschedule to a date that works better for me? After all, he does say "ask and ye shall receive..." 

In all seriousness, there are people who have quit their jobs and are living on their savings in such a way that they won't have any money left on the 22nd. The Washington Post article mentioned one couple who has done so - and they have a young daughter and the woman is pregnant with another child due in June.

I guess the angels and saints are able to deliver children, but then that child will automatically go to hell since it can't actually accept Jesus into its heart before it's pre-verbal. But of course the article and the parents didn't mention that.

Sorry, quick correction. The article that mentions the family with the two-year-old and the pregnant woman is on Unreasonable Faith, not the Washington Post. (Or, if it is mentioned in the Post article, that isn't where I originally saw it.)

The article I was referencing can be found here:

Unreasonable Faith

Sorry about that! I try to be better about my facts but sometimes they slip through.

My friends and I are throwing a rapture party featuring devilled eggs, seven layer dip to represent the seven deadly sins and devils food cake. We'll have fun watching naked eople float up to heaven...or not.
How fun!  Cool friends to have too :)
Keep on guessing, Harold.  Of course it will happen in your lifetime.
Post rapture party!!


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