I have some very fundamentalist family and high school acquaintances on Facebook who post both bible verses and evil opinions, and I'm trying to decide what the right thing to do is...these are the options I've formulated so far:

a) un-friend them (but I may be the only atheist/anti-theist any of them knows)

b) watch their posts with the same sport as a good horror movie

c) ignore them and try to be a voice of reason through my own posts

d) public ridicule (jk, jk)

The thing is, if I posted my opinions as liberally as some of these people do, they'd be so incensed that my computer would smell like Nag Champa. So to keep the peace, I usually stay silent. And I don't think that's right. Keep in mind, most of these are the typical I-haven't-seen-you-in-15-years-but-remember-World-Geography-in-10th-grade kind of Facebook friends. I can live without them. But is it right to unfriend because their opinions infuriate me?

How do you guys navigate Facebook world?

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My wife had a similar problem with a friend who is a devout Christian.  Her latest rant is that the end time is at hand and she know's because her "babble" says so.  My wife didn't un-friendl her but she stopped receiving her post's.

"Because my Babble says so". What a great bumper sticker that would make!

Dempsey, LOL!  Malachi from down the road... Love it! Melinda

I responded to this thread a while ago.  Update:  My 'friend' that asked if "this Athiest 'thing' involves xtian -bashing" texted  to ask if I unfriended her.  I just said yes, I need a break for a while.  So she took it as that is the end of that.  We 'broke-up'.  And all I feel is relieved.  I do have some religious friends on there, but I kept very few people, and if we post something one of us doensn't like, we just don't click 'like', and we move on.  I'm feeling too old @ 45 to deal with people's crap anymore.

I'm another one who is going through this. I have previously taken the silent and laugh at them approach. Until, there posts started actually pissing me off. Btw this is my family I'm talking about. I finally decided if they can post whatever so can I. Long story short caused a ton of drama for a few weeks but now they know when they post junk they better be able to argue or delete the post after they get to embarrassed. What I worry about is the whole cyber bully side of it.

Not only is it a religious thing I deal with but not surprisingly a political thing too. Religiousness I can ignore to an extent but the US presidential race is driving me nuts with some of these 'friends' who are heavily RomniNUT supporting. They spew with zero facts and 100% spin doctored crap-o-la that tends to be very racist and devoid of any ethics, logic, and maturity.

I haven't had any of my republiCON friends on  FB say anything yet, but I totally agree with you Jenn!


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